Descendants of
James Bradford Tirrell (1852-1938)
Sarah Jane Blanchard (1855-1935)

ARTHUR BRADFORD9 TIRRELL (James8-7, Cornelius6, Benjamin5-4, Gideon3-2, William1) was born at Holbrook, Massachusetts, on 20 January 1877 (DMH傍), a son of James Bradford Tirrell and his wife Sarah Jane Blanchard. At Rockland, Massachusetts, on 19 April 1898 he married SARA HARRIETTE CLAPP (DMH傍), daughter of David and Elmire Hilton (Berry) Clapp. Sara was born at Norwell, Massachusetts, on 4 September 1879 (DMH傍).

Arthur was a confectioner, taking over his father's business. Arthur and Sara lived in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, where they were members of South Parish (Congregational) Church.

Arthur B. Tirrell died at Weymouth on 9 July 1954 (DMH傍). Sara (Clapp) Tirrell died there on 15 January 1961 (DMH傍). They were both buried at Highland Cemetery, Weymouth.

Arthur and Sara Tirrell had the following child:

    • b. at Rockland on 11 March 1901 (SSI; DMH傍)
    • Occupation: salesman--Brad sold cars, then hospital supplies.
    • Residence. Randolph, VT
    • d. at Randolph, VT, in October 1970 (SSI)
    • Burial: Highland Cemetery, Weymouth
    • m. at Hingham, MA, on 18 November 1939 VICTORIA SOPHIA NUNN (no children) (DMH傍)
      • b. at Cambridge, MA, on 13 January 1902 (DMH傍)
      • Child of Alfred William Nunn and his wife Elizabeth MacFadden Pressley
      • Residence: frm 1965-1988 Randolph, VT

Some information on this family is found in:
Tirrell, Robert Wilson. The Tirrell-Tirrill-Terrill-Tyrrell Book: Descendants of William Therrill. Englewood, NJ, 1969. p. 407.

Some information on this family comes from the notes of Bertha Tirrell Maxfield, which are contained, with other material, in:
Hartshorn, Doris Maxfield. Genealogy of the James Bradford Tirrell Family. (Ditto duplication, distributed in the family).

Other information has been provided, through interviews and correspondence, by:

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