Henry Schaubach and Andrew Shaubach
and their Descendants
Third Generation

The main source of information for this web page is a genealogy prepared by the Shaubach family, which used to hold annual reunions at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on Father's Day. This document of 13 legal size pages, mimeographed, produced about 1950, was distributed to family members. It traces all descendants, not just those with the surname. Any family members or possible family members requesting a look up of information from this document, may contact me, Charles Maxfield, at chuckmaxfield@gmail.com

GEORGE MILLER SCHAUBACH (Martin2, Henry1) was born on 29 November 1875 (Sch 6), a child of Martin Schaubach and his wife Annie Winters. George Schaubach married ROBERTA BRADY on 19 August 1912 (Sch 6). Roberta was born at Virginia in 1881/2 (1930 census)

The 1930 census (CR 1930: 2470:) reported this family at 234 1/2 Westover Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Schaubach, Geo. M. head M W 55 M VA PA PA agent
real estate
Schaubach, Arberta wife F W 38 M VA VA VA none
Schaubach, Earl B. son M W 3 S VA PA VA none

The census also reported that George and Roberta were aged 36 and 19 respectively at their marriage.

George and Roberta Schaubach had at least one child.


[Schaubach/Shaubach Geneology]. abt 1950, Lancaster County, PA. mimeographed.
Census Records

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