Henry Schaubach and Andrew Shaubach
and their Descendants
Third Generation

The main source of information for this web page is a genealogy by Terry L. Birch, "The Family Tree of Terry L. Birch," posted on the internet on 12 October 2002, as part of the Ancestry World Tree, found at http://awt.ancestry.com.

ENOS M.3 SHAUBACH (Andrew2-1) was born at Intercorse, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on 5 June 1893 (SSDI--date; AWT: Birch gives date as June 6, and place), a child of Andrew Shaubach and his first wife Susan Martin.

Enos Shaubach served in the Army in France in World War I, as a Corporal in the 363rd Infantry. He saw action at the battles of St. Mihiel, Meise-Argonne, and Ypres-Lys (AWT: Birch).

Enos Shaubach married DOROTHY SALINA HORTON at Doheney Temescal Ranch located in Piru Canyon, Piru, Ventura County, California (AWT: Birch). Dorothy was born at Los Angeles, California, on 26 April 1904 (SSDI; AWT: Birch). She received believer's baptism at Naomi Avenue Christian Church, Los Angeles, in 1911 (AWT: Birch).

Enos Shaubach was a cattleman with a Herford cow and calf operation (AWT: Birch). He died at Fresno County, California, on 6 November 1968 (SSDI; CA D). His widow Dorothy died at Modesto, Stansilaus County, on 7 March 1997 (SSDI; CA D).

Enos Shaubach and his wife Dorothy Horton had the following children:

  1. ENOS MILTON4 SHAUBACH, Jr. b. at California on 24 August 1926
    • b. at Los Angeles on 13 July 1923 (AWT: Birch)
    • b. at Los Angeles on 13 July 1923 (AWT: Birch)
    • military. in World War II he was a Corporal, Co. B 823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, Anti-Tank support to 30th Infantry Division (AWT: Birch)
    • d. at "Omaha Beach" France on 25 June 1944, as part of the "D-Day" operation (AWT: Birch)
    • b. at Piru on 5 May 1931 (AWT: Birch)
    • d. on 10 May 1931 in an open spine operation (AWT: Birch)


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