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of Weymouth, Massachusetts

Sixth Generation

LEMUEL B.6 REED (Anna5, Thomas4, William3, James2, William1) was born at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, on 26 October 1787 (VR Dart 1:194), the son of Anna Reed. About 1807 he married FALLEY6 WOODMANSEE (James5, Thomas4-3-2, Gabriel1), a daughter of James Woodmansee and his wife Mary Beden. Falley was born at Dartmouth on 18 February 1787, if the age given on her death record is accurate.

Lemuel and Falley Reed gradually accumulated a sizable amount of property in the vicinity of what is now Reed Road, in the northwest corner of the Town of Dartmouth. On 25 November 1822 he bought for $700 from Samuel Allen, about 100 acres in Dartmouth adjoining land he already owned. (BCD 10:521-523). On 23 December 1823 he bought for $400 from Lewis Gifford, about 40 acres, two lots of woodland in Dartmouth (BCD 10:520-521). On 6 October 1825 Falley's mother, Mary Woodmansee, signed with her mark, and turned over to Lemuel two tracts of land, which she had received from Richard Beden (perhaps her father?), on deeds dated 20 February 1802 and 10 August 1803. Mary Woodmansee placed her mark on a deed in which she stated she gave the land:

in consideration that I have heretofore been supported and maintained at the expense of Lemuel B. Reed of Dartmouth aforesaid, and also in consideration that the said Lemuel B. Reed has secured to me my future support and maintenance during my natural life and also in consideration of the love and good will which I have from the said Lemuel B. Reed. (BCD 7:519-520)
On 7 August 1832 Lemuel B. Reed, with wife Falley, bought for $200 from Stephen Howland, about 34 acres of woodland in Dartmouth, which Howland had bought from Lewis Gifford. (BCD 10:520-21)

Lemuel B. Reed died at Dartmouth on 5 June 1849 (Deaths Recorded in the New Bedford Mercury, 1845-1874; gravemarker; Reed Cemetery). According to his grave marker he was 62 years and 7 months old--exactly one year off from his age based on his birth record. Lemuel did not leave a will, and the probate records of his estate are extensive. One impetus to settling the estate was the pressure from the creditors of son Philip, who were demanding his share (see the web page on son Philip). The probate records include the following (I have photocopies of all this material, but unfortunately do not have precise references for the location of each item):

Falley Reed continued to live on her "dower" on Reed Road for many years. The 1850 census (CR 1850: 309:451) reported her as the head of a household at Dartmouth which included four children and two sons-in-law:

Name Age Sex Occupation R.E. Birthplace Other
Falley Reed 63 F $1000 MA
George H. Reed 21 M farmer MA
Andrew H. Reed 16 M farmer MA
Anna Tripp 33 F MA
Lavina W. Tripp 21 F MA
Andrew M. Tripp 33 M sailor $1100 MA
Peleg N. Tripp 30 M sailor MA

On 10 June 1862 Falley and son Andrew R. Reed sold land in Dartmouth for $100, part of the dower of Lemuel B. Reed, including water rights to William B. Trafford of Dartmouth, at Westport Factory Pond, (BCD(S) 52:402-03)

The 1860 census (CR 1860: 492:851) reported Falley (age 79) in a household at Dartmouth headed by Andrew Tripp, including Andrew's wife Anna and son Peleg (age 10).

Falley (Woodmansee) Reed died of old age at Dartmouth on 8 June 1876, age 89 years, 3 months, and 18 days, according to her death record (Ma Deaths 1876:283:77:22). Her gravemarker gave the same age, without the days.

The small Reed Family Cemetery, on the former Reed property, near 661B Reed Road, Dartmouth, was recently described by Judith Navas Lund, in Burials and Burial Places in the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. (Dartmouth Historical Committee, 1997. p. 356), as follows:

Surrounded by a substantial stone wall, the Reed family cemetery is not far off Reed Rd. in property that once belonged to the family. Access is gained through a wooden picket gate, but the overgrowth inside now is nearly impenetrable. In the past, the cemetery suffered extensive vandalism . . . there is a deeded right of way.
This visitor found the cemetery much as Ms. Lund described it. The only two legible grave markers there commemorated Lemuel B. and Falley Reed.

Lemuel B. and Falley Reed had the following children:

  1. PHILIP7 REED b. abt 1808
    • b. on 1 April 1810 (based on age at death)
    • d. on 1 December 1884 (age 74 yrs 8 mo) (Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport)
    • m. (int. at Dartmouth on 28 October 1842) MATILDA BOOTH (both of Dartmouth) (VR Dart 2:383)
      • b. on 8 December 1811 (based on age at death)
      • d. on 13 April 1883 (Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport)
    • b. on 12 September 1812 (based on age at death) (Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport)
    • d. on 11 April 1884 (Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport)
    • m. (int. at Westport, MA, on 30 December 1833 (VR Westp 211)) at Dartmouth on 2 February 1834 ELIZABETH S. BORDEN (VR Dart 2:383)
      • b. on 17 October 1818 (based on age at death) (Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport)
      • d. on 3 April 1880 (Maple Grove Cemetery, Westport)
    • b. on 1815 (VR Westp 77)
    • m. (int. at Westport on 17 October 1839 (VR Westp 210)) at Dartmouth on 24 November 1839 CAROLINE G. TRIPP of Westport (VR Dart 2:379)
      • b. at Westport on 1821 (VR Westp 77)
    • b. at Massachusetts about 1815/6 (CR 1880: 523:390A)
    • m (1). bef 1850 ________ LATHAM
    • m (2). abt 1859 PELEG TRIPP (BCD(S) 75:182-83)
  6. HANNAH7 REED "Anna"
    • b. at Massachusetts about 1816/7 (CR 1850: 309:451)
    • m. bef 1850 ANDREW M. TRIPP
      • b. at Massachusetts about 1816/7 (CR 1850: 309:451)
    • b. at Massachusetts about 1818/9 (CR 1850: 309:439)
    • m. at Dartmouth on 28 March 1839 MARY COWEN (both of Dartmouth) (VR Dart 2:382)
      • b. at Massachusetts about 1818/9 (CR 1850: 309:439)
    • b. on 27 August 1821 (VR Westp 78)
    • m. (int. at Dartmouth on 2 July 1849 (VR Dart 2:383)) at New Bedford on 15 July 1849 LYDIA B. TRIPP (VR NB 2:435)
      • Warren Reed, 27, farmer, of Dartmouth, son of Lemuel B. and Fally,
        Lydia B. Tripp, 21, of Dartmouth, dau. of Job and Betsey
      • b. at Westport on 17 November 1827 (VR Westp 77)
    • b. at Dartmouth on 6 September 1825 (from age at death)
    • Residence. at Chilmark, MA, on 1873 (BCD(S) 75:182-83)
    • d. at Chilmark on 2 October 1894 (VR Chil Deaths from 1871 2:5)
      • Rodney R. Reed, married, 69 y, 26 d, cerebral hemorage, res., d., and bur. Chilmark; farmer; b. Dartmouth to Lemuel and Fallie Reed, both b. Dartmouth
    • m. at Chilmark on 6 November 1846 PRUDENCE W. COTTLE (VR Westp 211)
      • Reed, Rodney R., 21, laborer, b. Dartmouth, s. Lemuel B. and Falla of Dartmouth, and Prudence W. Cottle, 17, of Chilmark, b. Chilmark, d. Francis and Sofrona of Chilmark
    • b. at Massachusetts about 1828/9 (CR 1850: 309:451)
      b. at Massachusetts about 1828/9 (CR 1850: 309:451)
    • d. bef 1859 (before husband's second marriage)
    • m. bef 1850 PELEG TRIPP
      • b. at Massachusetts abt 1819/20 (CR 1850: 309:451)
    • b. at Massachusetts about 1833/4 (CR 1850: 309:451)
    • b. aft 1829 (a minor at partition of father's estate in 1850)

A Question

Falley is an unusual name; I never heard of it before, and have not encountered it elsewhere. Yet another person of the same name--Falley Reed--appeared in the records not far in time and place from this Falley Reed. Could there be a connection?

Could it be, that Falley Woodmansee, by the age of sixteen, had married Daniel Reed, and became the step-mother of his seven minor children, became a widow at age eighteen, married Lemuel B. Reed at about age twenty, and then had thirteen children of her own? Or is it just coincidence that two women with the unusual name of Falley each married a man named Reed, in almost adjoining Towns, and the one was widowed a few years before the other was married?

Petition for Partition of the estate of Lemuel B. Reed
20 March 1850
To the Probate Court for the County of Bristol.
The subscribers, the children + heirs at law of Lemuel B. Reed late of Dartmouth in the County of Bristol deceased, respectfully represent that they are seized in fee as tenants in common of certain Real Estate situated in the said Dartmouth being the Real Estate which descended to them from their late father the said Lemuel--and is all the Real Estate of which the said Lemuel died seized except what has been set off to his widow for her dower; that they are seized of the same in equal shares--that the estate of the said Lemuel has been duly administered in the probate court for said County of Bristol--that they are desirous that partition of the said Real Estate should be made and the share of each one set off to theirs in severalty.
Wherefore they pray the Court here to cause partition of the said Real Estate to be made, and the share of each one set off to him.
Andrew M. Tripp in with my wife Hannah by his attorney [?] Tripp
Rodney R. Reed
Andrew R. Reed by his guardian Lemuel Mosher
Peleg Tripp in [?] of my wife Lavina by his attorney
Lavina W. Tripp
Allen Reed
Willard Reed
Warren Reed

Some of the information on this web page comes from the following source, which can be consulted for further information:

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