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of Weymouth, Massachusetts

Fifth Generation

ANNA5 REED (Thomas4, William3, James2, William1) was born at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, on 5 January 1762 (VR Dart 1:193), a daughter of Thomas Reed and his wife Anna Rogers.

When Anna was twenty-five years old, and still single, she had a child:

  1. LEMUEL B.6 REED b. at Dartmouth on 26 October 1787
Anna Reed and JAMES GIFFORD published at Dartmouth their intentions to marry, on 15 August 1789 (LP). They were married there on 27 September 1789 (VR Dart 2:382). Anna and James were both from Dartmouth. He was often called James Gifford the second. She was called Mary on their marriage record, but Anna on their intentions and elsewhere. James Gifford was born at Dartmouth on 12 August 1767 (VR Dart 1:96), a child of Ichabod and Sarah (Pettis) Gifford.

James and Anna (Reed) Gifford had the following children:

    • b. at Dartmouth on 14 April 1790 (VR Dart 1:99)
    • b. at Dartmouth on 4 June 1794 (VR Dart 1:97)
Anna (Reed) Gifford died sometime after the birth of her last child (1794) and before her husband's second marriage (1802).

James Gifford the second took as his second wife RHODA SISSON at Westport, Massachusetts, on 18 April 1802 (VR Westp 164). She was from Westport, he from Dartmouth. They had published their marriage intentions in both towns, at Dartmouth on 13 March 1802 (VR Dart 2:199), and at Westport on 20 March 1802 (LP 576). James and Rhoda Gifford had the following child:

    • b. at Westport on 7 October 1809 (VR Westp 47)

Information on this web page comes from the following sources, which can be consulted for further information:

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Vital Records of Westport, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Boston: NEHGS, 1918.

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