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Fourth Generation

THOMAS4 REED (William3, James2, William1) was born at Middleboro, Massachusetts, on 15 March 1722/23 (VR Mdbo 1:34), as son of William Reed and his wife Elizabeth.

Alicia Crane Williams, in her article, "Reed Families of Middleborough, Swansey, and Dartmouth," (Mayflower Descendant vol. 40 (1990), pp. 123-132) came to the conclusion that this birth record is the most likely candidate for the Thomas Reed of Dartmouth, described on this page. However, she cautioned,

No primary documentation has been found to prove that Thomas Reed of Dartmouth was this man, but his age, his occupation (cordwainer, closely associated with the Middleboro Reed branch) and the process of elimination appear to make the connection likely.--MD 40:129-30.
This web site will follow Ms. Williams' conclusions until evidence can be found to contradict her conclusions.

Thomas Reed and ANNA ROGERS published their intentions to marry at Dartmouth, Massachusetts, on 6 October 1744 (LP). They were married there on 21 October 1744 by R. Pierce (VR Dart 2:383). Anna Rogers' parentage is not known. The best suspect at this time is a Daniel Rogers, who witnessed a deed in which Thomas Reed bought land in Dartmouth. Thomas Reed was called "of Dartmouth" on deeds in 1751, 1754, 1763, and 1779. He was called a "cordwainer" on the last two of those deeds (MD 40:130).

Thomas and Anna Reed probably died some time after 1790, as the Census of that year listed two Thomas Reed households in Dartmouth. One of these was an "empty nest" consisting of only one adult male and one female.

Thomas and Anna (Rogers) Reed had the following children:

    • b. at Dartmouth on 19 December 1745 (VR Dart 1:194)
    • m. (his 1st). at Rochester, MA, on 26 November 1772 SAMUEL HATHAWAY (Versailles)
    • m. int. at Dartmouth on 5 September 1772 (VR Dart 2:381)
      • b. at Dartmouth on 6 July 1747 (VR Dart 1:114)
    • b. at Dartmouth on 18 February 1747 (VR Dart 1:194)
    • m. at Dartmouth on 1 June 1774 JAMES WALKER CATHELL (both of Dartmouth) (VR Dart 2:380)
    • b. at Dartmouth on 19 February 1749 (VR Dart 1:195)
    • m. at Dartmouth on 16 November 1769 SAYER BULLOCK (she of Dartmouth; he of Rehoboth) (VR Dart 2:383)
    • m. int. on 29 September 1769 (LP)
      • b. at Rehoboth on 8 November 1744 (VR Reh 564)
      • Child of Joseph and Jerusha Bullock
    • b. at Dartmouth on 26 March 1752 (VR Dart 1:195)
    • b. at Dartmouth on 13 October 1754 (VR Dart 1:195)
    • b. at Dartmouth on 3 March 1757 (VR Dart 1:195)
    • Census. at Dartmouth in 1790
      male 16+ 1
      male 16- 2
      female 4

    • m. at Dartmouth on 9 March 1780 (or 7 March) SARAH SHERMAN (VR Dart 2:383)
    • m. int. at Dartmouth on 21 January 1780 (LP)
      • Child of Ruben Sherman
    • b. at Dartmouth on 30 July 1759 (VR Dart 1:195)
    • m. at Dartmouth on 13 December 1781 LEMUEL BORDEN (she of Dartmouth; he of Freetown) (VR Dart 2:383)
  8. ANNA5 REED b. at Dartmouth on 5 January 1762
    • b. at Dartmouth on 10 October 1764 (VR Dart 1:194)
    • Census. at Dartmouth in 1790
      male 16+ 1
      male 16- 1
      female 2

    • Will. in Bristol County, MA, on 1 February 1849 (BCP 181:508)
    • d. at Dartmouth on 1857 (age 92) (Archives Division/Vital Records, Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Letter. August 20, 1984)
    • Probate. in Bristol County on 2 June 1857 (BCP 181:507-508)
    • m. at Dartmouth on 23 August 1787 REBECCA MOSHER (VR Dart 2:381)
    • m. int. at Dartmouth on 5 July 1787 (LP)
      • b. at Dartmouth on 23 December 1767 (VR Dart 1:170)
      • Child of John and Rebecca (Chase) Mosher
      • d. at Dartmouth on 17 March 1844 (MD 40:130)

Information on this web page comes from the following sources, which can be consulted for further information:

Other references abbreviated above:
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