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of Weymouth, Massachusetts

Third Generation

WILLIAM3 REED (James2, William1) was born at Middleboro, Plymouth Colony, on 10 March 1688 (VR Mdbo 1:4). His parents were James Reed and his wife Susanna Richmond. Some time around 1714 William Reed married ELIZABETH, the mother of his children. Nothing more is known of Elizabeth.

William Reed spent a good deal of time in court. he was presented to the court for not attending church in June 1720, December 1728, September 1731, December 1731, December 1733, March 1735/36, and May 1736. He was sued in March 1727/28 by brother James for taking a cow and a calf. In 1738 his sister Anne sued brother William Reed "of Middleborough husbandman or labourer" for the deed to the farm which was in his possession, claiming James had given the land to her for her life. The jury found for the defendant. In March 1739/40 his sister Ann and her husband John Warren sued him for trespass and ejectment from 50 acres in Middleboro, citing James' will. This time the jury found for the plaintiff. (MD 40:126)

William Reed died some time between the last time he was sued, 1740, and the date of his sister Anne Warren's will (1749).

William and Elizabeth Reed had the following children:

    • b. at Middleboro on 18 July 1715 (VR Mdbo 1:34)
    • d. at Middleboro on 7 April 1776 (MD 40:128)
    • m. at Middleboro on 24 June 1740 SARAH WARREN ("Middleborough, Mass., Vital Records" MD 15:219)
      • b. on 9 February 1722 (MD 40:128)
      • Child of Samuel Warren and Eleanor Billington
      • Will. on 27 April 1779 (MD 40:128)
      • d. bet 27 April 1779 and 17 September 1783 (between will and probate)
      • Probate. in Plymouth County, MA, on 17 September 1783 (citation issued to all heirs) (MD 40:128)
    • b. at Middleboro on 7 Jun 1717 (VR Mdbo 1:34)
    • b. at Middleboro on 26 May 1720 (VR Mdbo 1:34)
  4. THOMAS4 REED b. at Middleboro on 15 March 1722/23
    • b. at Middleboro on 22 October 1725 (VR Mdbo 1:59)
    • d. aft 1769 (living in sister Anna Warren’s will)
    • m. at Middleboro on 11 October 1750 JOANNA TINKHAM (both of Middleboro; by Benjamin Ruggles) (VR Mdbo 1:109)
    • m. int. at Middleboro on 8 September 1750 (VR Mdbo 2:45)
      • b. at Middleboro on 15 May 1734 (VR Mdbo 1:55)
      • Child of: Samuel Tinkham, Jr., and Mary his wife
    • b. at Middleboro on 7 May 1729 (VR Mdbo 1:59)
    • d. at Middleboro on 8 December 1760 ("returning from camp at Mendon") (VR Mdbo 40:127)
    • m. on 21 August 1751 MERCY TURNER of Raynham (MD 40:127)
      • d. on 17 November 1774 (MD 40:127)

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