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Second Generation

JAMES2 REED (William1) was probably born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, between 1657 and 1660 (MD 40:124). His parents were William and Avis Reed. James enlisted as a soldier in King Philip's War, serving in Capt. Johnson's Company (MD 40:124). Later, while residing in Taunton, he was a member of a military company.

James and John Reed and John Vinson were taken to court in Weymouth for cutting timber on the Town Commons, contrary to order. They were together fined 20 shillings, on 6 September 1680 (MD 40:124). Soon after this, James Reed moved to Taunton, then in Plymouth Colony.

James Reed married SUSANNA3 RICHMOND (John2-1) at Taunton on 18 April 1683. ("Plymouth Colony Vital Records," MD 22:115) She was born at Bridgewater, Plymouth Colony, on 4 November 1661 ("Plymouth Colony Vital Records," MD 18:166), a daughter of John Richmond by his first wife.

James and Susanna Reed later moved to Middleboro, where his name appeared on a list of inhabitants on 12 November 1695 (MD 40:124). He was a charter member of the First Congregational Church of Lakeville on 12 October 1725 (MD 40:124). (Lakeville was formerly part of Middleboro).

Susanna Reed died at Middleboro on 18 August 1725 (VR Mdbo 1:58). James died there on 21 July 1726 (VR Mdbo 1:58). On 22 May 1727 William Reed, Thomas Reed, Nathaniel Southward, and Ebenezer Morton, all of Middleboro, were bonded in Plymouth County Probate Court for the estate of "their father James Reed late of Middleborough." (MD 40:124)

James and Susanna Reed had the following children:

    • b. in 1684
    • Will. at Middleboro on 21 January: He left the whole use and improvement of his farm to his sister Ann Read for her lifetime on condition that their sister Martha Inglee, in the case of her widowhood, would also share in the estate. Also mentioned in the will were his brothers John, William, and Thomas; Joseph Dunham, widow Lidiah Hacket, Jonathan Inglee, sister Susannah Read, Rev. Mr. Benjamin Ruggles (BCP 8:204 in MD 40:125)
    • d. at Middleboro on 1 February 1734/35 (unmarried) (MD 40:125)
    • Probate. in Bristol County, MA, on 18 March 1734 (MD 40:125)
    • b. at Middleboro on 10 March 1686 (VR Mdbo 1:3)
    • d. aft 1734 (living when brother James wrote his will; unmarried)
  3. WILLIAM3 REED b. at Middleboro on 10 March 1688
    • d. bef 1761
    • Probate. in Plymouth County, MA, on 1761 (inventory--PCP no. 16,625) (MD 40:125)
    • m (1). on 8 February 1709 SUSANNA ROUNDS (MD 40:125)
      • d. bet 1715 and 1725 (after birth of last child; before a year before birth of first child by husband's second marriage)
    • m (2). about 1725 ELIZABETH (MD 40:125)
    • m (3). HANNAH (MD 40:125)
    • b. bet 1684 and 1689 (MD 40:125)
    • m (1). at Boston, MA, on 1 March 1707 MARY FIFIELD (MD 40:125)
    • m (2). at Boston on 14 September 1709 SARAH NILES (MD 40:125)
    • b. about 1697/98 (based on age at death)
    • d. at Middleboro on 17 July 1724 (in 27th yr; unmarried) (VR Mdbo 1:29)
    • b. probably at Taunton about 1699/1700 (based on age at death)
    • d. at Swansea, MA, on 19 March 1732/33 (in his 34th yr) (MD 40:128)
    • m. at Swansea on 1 December 1720 HANNAH CHASE (MD 40:128)
      • Child of Jacob Chase and Mary Hall
    • b. about 1700/1 (based on age at death)
    • Will. on 21 August 1769: made provision for "Silva", daughter of Peter Reed, deceased; sister Martha Inglee and her daughters, specifically her youngest daughter Waitstill; Jonathan, son of brother William Reed, deceased; William Reed, grandson to brother William Reed; Timothy Inglee, and Elisha Tinkham, executor (MD 40:126)
    • d. at Middleboro on 8 January 1770 (aged 69) (VR Mdbo 1:163)
    • Probate. on Plymouth County on 5 February 1770 (will proved) (MD 40:126)
    • m (his 2d). at Middleboro on 27 July 1737 JOHN WARREN (both of Middleboro; by Benjamin White, J.P.) (VR Mdbo 1:63)
      • b. at Middleboro about 1689/90 (based on age at death)
      • Child of Richard Warren and Sarah Torrey
      • d. at Middleboro on 3 March 1768 (aged 78) (VR Mdbo 1:163)
      • m (his 1st) NAOMI BATES
      • seven children
    • m (his 2d). at Middleboro on 5 September 1727 JONATHAN INGLEY (both of Middleboro; by Benjamin Ruggles) (VR Mdbo 1:30)
      • m (his 1st). at Middleboro on 27 February 1723/24 DEBORAH MORTON (both of Middleboro; by Samuel Price, J.P.) (VR Mdbo 1:27)
        • d. bef 1727 (before her husband's second marriage)

Information on this web page comes from the following sources, which can be consulted for further information:

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