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Second Generation

WILLIAM2 REED (William1) was born before 1650. He was probably NOT the William Reed born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, on 15 December 1639. His parents were William and Avis Reed. He married probably at Middleboro, Plymouth Colony, about 1675 ESTHER2 TOMSON (John1), also known as "Hester." She was born probably at Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, on 28 July 1652, a daughter of Lieutenant John Tomson and his wife Mary Cooke. (MD 30:52; MF 12:71) William Reed served in King Philip's War in 1675. He took the Oath of Allegiance to King Charles II at Weymouth in 1678/79. William and Esther Reed lived on Pleasant Street in South Weymouth.

William Reed wrote his will at Weymouth on 26 October 1705. For an abstract of his will, see below. The will was proved at Suffolk County Court on 12 September 1706. William Reed died between those two dates, as probably did his wife Esther.

William and Esther Reed had the following children:

  1. BASHUA3 REED b. probably at Weymouth about 1676
    • b. at Weymouth on 21 October 1680 (VR Wey 1:249)
    • d. bef 1687 (before birth of another son of same name to same family)
  3. Capt. WILLIAM3 REED
    • b. at Weymouth on 24 May 1682 (VR Wey 1:252) (30 January 1679 based on age on grave marker)
    • d. at Abington, MA, on 3 June 1753 (VR Ab 2:345)
    • m. about 1703 ALICE NASH
      • b. at Weymouth on 24 March 1684/85 (twin) (23 March 1684 based on age at death) (VR Wey 1:190)
      • child of Lt. Jacob Nash and Abigail Dyer
      • d. at Abington on 5 December 1751 (age 67 yrs, 8 mos., 13 d) (VR Ab 2:337)
    • b. at Weymouth about 1682/83 (about 1676, or, based on age at death, between 5 February 1681/2 and 4 February 1682/3)
    • d. at Abington on 4 February 1737/38 (in her 56th year) (VR Ab 2:278)
    • m (1). probably at Weymouth about 1698 NICHOLAS WHITMARSH
      • b. at Weymouth on 21 August 1673 (VR Wey 1:353)
      • Child of Nicholas Whitmarsh and Hannah Reed
      • d. bef 27 November 1706
    • m (2). at Bridgewater, MA, on 27 November 1706 Ens. ANDREW FORD
      • b. at Abington about 1681/82 (date based on age at death; born in what is now Abington)
      • Child of Andrew Ford
      • d. at Abington on 12 May 1750 (in his 69th year) (VR Ab 2:279)
      • m (his 2d). at Abington on 31 August 1738 ALICE WHITMARSH (VR Ab 2:230)
        • b. at Weymouth on 14 November 1695
        • Child of Simon Whitmarsh and Elizabeth Bicknell
        • d. at Abington aft 1750
    • b. at Weymouth about 1684
    • d. aft 26 October 1704
    • m. at Bridgewater on 25 December 1707 JOSIAH ALLEN (MD 40:197)
    • m. int. at Bridgewater on 1707 (VR E Brdgw 283)
      • d. at Bridgewater bef 24 December 1733 (probate) (MD 40:199)
    • b. at Weymouth about 1685
    • m. at Bridgewater on 6 August 1707 DAVID HERSEY (MD 40:198)
    • m. int. at Bridgewater on 1707 (VR E BRdgw 224)
      • b. at Abington on 25 January 1685/86 (MD 40:198)
      • Child of William Hersey of Abington
    • b. at Weymouth on 10 July 1687 (VR Wey 1:249)
    • d. aft 12 July 1740 (alive in Abington)
    • according to some sources he m(1) Sarah Hersey and m(2) Mary Whitmarsh. I have not listed these, until I see the evidence. I sense some confusion. Sarah Hersey married Jacob Reed. Mary Reed became Mary Whitmarsh after her first marriage.
    • b. at Weymouth on 6 November 1691 (VR Wey 1:249)
    • d. in 1766 (Aldridge, 14)
    • m. at Abington SARAH HERSEY (VR Ab 2:174)
      • b. probably at Abington on 26 September 1692 (MD 40:198)
    • b. at Weymouth on 21 March 1694 (VR Wey 1:251)
    • m. at Bridgewater on 14 May 1712 HEZEKIAH KING (VR Brdgw 2:220)
    • m. int. at Bridgewater on 1712 (VR E Brdgw 285)
      • b. in 1690 (Aldridge, 14)
      • d. in 1740 (Aldridge, 14)

Abstract of the will of William Reed
from Mayflower Descendant 23:72-74

"... my beloved wife Hester Read shall have the sole use and improvement of my dwelling house and some land and meadow adjoining ... and also the sole use and improvement of all my movables ... and I do enjoin my sons William Read and John Read to manage and improve the said lands and meadow for their mother according to her direction ... during her natural life."
To "my eldest son William Read the new double house and land adjoining that I built for him ..."
To "my son John Read my dwelling house wherein I live ... and all that my land adjoining and meadow ..."
To "my son Jacob Read my lot of land in Ragged Plain..."
To "my daughter Bashua Porter" £ 20
To "my daughter Mercy Whitmarsh" £ 20
To "my daughter Mary Read" £ 20
To "my daughter Hester Read" £ 20
To "my daughter Sarah Read" £ 20
To "my aforementioned three sons William Read, John Read and Jacob Read my part of the wharf and my common lot by the great pond and all my lands in the Township of Bridgewater and my part of the sawmill in said Bridgewater to be equally divided amongst them ... and further I do oblige my son William Read and John Read to pay my four daughters first mentioned above to each of them twenty pounds ... within two years after my decease and to do what work their mother shall need or require ... and I do hereby oblige my son Jacob to pay twenty pounds ... to my youngest daughter Sarah Read within two years after my decease, if she require it so soon."
To "my five daughters before mentioned ... all my movables which shall remain after my wife's decease to be equally divided amongst them."

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