The American Descendants of Thomas Maxfield
of Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire, England
First Generation

JOSEPH1 MAXFIELD was baptized at Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire, England, on 25 September 1815 (Eng Bp), a child of Thomas Maxfield and his first wife Anne Compton.

Joseph Maxfield married as his first wife at Longbridge Deverill on 5 June 1836 MARTHA WHITE (Eng M), who was born at Longbridge Deverill about 1816 (1851 census). The 1841 census (12:17:16) reported Joseph and Martha Maxfield, both age 25, at Foxhole, Longbridge Deverill, with two children, Thomas, 4, and Clara, 1. Joseph was an agricultural laborer. The 1851 census (318:16) reported the family on Sand Street, Longbridge Deverill, consisting of Joseph, 34, Martha, 34, Thomas, 13, William, 6, and Varena, nine months. All were born at Longbridge Deverill. Joseph was described as an agricultural laborer - carter; Thomas was also an agricultural laborer; William was a scholar. Daughter Clara Maxfield (312:4) was living with her grandmother, Grace White, on Church Street, Longbridge Deverill. Grace, widow, 68, was listed as a pauper; Clara, 11, was a scholar.

Martha Maxfield died at the Warminster district of Wiltshire during the fourth quarter of 1852 (Eng D). Joseph Maxfield soon remarried, at Longbridge Deverill on 25 February 1853, to ELIZABETH GIBBS. She was born at England in August 1826 (1900 census).

Joseph and Martha Maxfield had six children. Three died in infancy. Thomas Maxfield married Sarah about 1859, was living in London in 1861 (Census 51:10), and had recently moved back to Longbridge Deverill in 1871. Clara Maxfield married at Longbridge Deverill on 8 January 1861 Joseph White (Eng M). William Maxfield was the probable immigrant who enlisted in a New Jersey unit of the Union Army in 1864.

Joseph and Elizabeth emmigrated to America some time after the baptism of their second child in England on 31 May 1857, and before the birth of their next child in New Jersey on 28 April 1859. The 1860 census reported this family at Pequannock Township (Boonton Post Office), Morris County, New Jersey, as follows:

Name Age Sex Occupation R.E. P.E. Birthplace Other
Joseph Maxfield 44 M blacksmith $50 England
Elizabeth Maxfield 34 F England
Ann Maxfield 6 F England school
Sarah A. Maxfield 3 F England
John Maxfield 6/12 M Morris Co., NJ

Joseph Maxfield enlisted as a Private in Company Battery B, 1st Light Artillery Regiment New Jersey on 03 September 1861. He received a disability discharge at Philadelphia on 4 June 1862 (Civ W Sol).

Following Joseph's discharge, the Maxfield family experienced the deaths of several children. Sarah Ann died on 8 November, 1862. Joseph, aged four years, died on 10 August 1866. Mary, aged four months, died the following day. John, aged eight years, died in 1867. Of their first five children, Joseph and Elizabeth lost four in childhood. They soon had three more, who survived. The 1870 census (877:1:22B) reported the family at Boonton Township, Morris County, consisting of Joseph, 56, Elizabeth, 42, Ann, 16, Samuel, 3, and Harry, born December 1869. Joseph was a laborer; he, Elizabeth and Ann were born at England, Samuel and Harry at New Jersey.

The 1880 census (780:567A) reported Joseph and Elizabeth Maxfield, ages 66 and 56 respectively, both born at England, residing at Livingston Township, Essex County, New Jersey. I have not found a record of their children in that census. The 1890 Veterans' Census reported Joseph Maxfield, who served in Company B, First New Jersey Infantry, 3 September 1861 to 4 June 1862, residing at Livingston Township. The 1895 New Jersey census (NJ Cen 65:32) reported the family of Joseph and Elizabeth Maxfield living at Livingston Township. Joseph and Elizabeth were over 60, with them was George Maxfield, age between 20 and 60.

The 1900 census (987:15A) reported Joseph and Elizabeth Maxfield on Main Street, Boonton. According to this record, Joseph was born at England on August 1813, and Elizabeth there on August 1826. They came to America in 1856. Elizabeth had nine children, five of whom were living. This record contains questionable information. The baptismal records in England indicate Joseph was probably born in 1815, perhaps August. They probably immigrated in 1858, as indicated above. This record indicates one more child for Elizabeth than I have knowledge of, and this one survived.

Joseph Maxfield died at Boonton on 3 June 1904 (McAvoy). Elizabeth was still living in 1910 (Census 883:2:9B), on Mount Pleasant Avenue, Livingston Township, with her daughter and son-in-law, Anna and George Collins.

Joseph Maxfield and his first wife Martha White had the following children (Eng Bp; Eng M; Eng D):

    • bp. at Longbridge Deverill on 1 May 1837
    • m. bef 1860 SARAH ________ (1861, 1871 censuses)
      • b. at Haversham, co. Kent, England, abt 1831/2
    • bp. at Longbridge Deverill on 13 October 1839
    • m. at Longbridge Deverill on 8 January 1861 JOSEPH WHITE
  3. WILLIAM2 MAXFIELD bp. at Longbridge Deverill on 22 September 1844
    • bp. at Longbridge Deverill on 3 October 1847
    • d. at Warminster district on bet October and December 1848
    • bp. at Longbridge Deverill on 28 July 1850
    • d. at Warminster district bet January and March 1853
    • bp. at Longbridge Deverill on 30 November 1852
    • d. at Warminster district bet January and March 1853
Joseph Maxfield and his second wife Elizabeth Gibbs had the following children:
    • bp. at Crockerton, co. Wiltshire, on 2 April 1854 (Eng Bp)
    • m. abt 1875/6 (1910 census)
      • b. at New Jersey abt 1852/3
    • bp. at Crockerton on 31 May 1857 (Eng Bp)
    • d. on 8 November 1862 bur. at Boonton Avenue Cemetery, Boonton, NJ (find)
  3. JOHN2 MAXFIELD (find)
    • b. at Morris County, New Jersey on 28 April 1859
    • d. on 27 November 1867 bur. at Boonton Avenue Cemetery, Boonton, NJ
  4. JOSEPH2 MAXFIELD (find)
    • b. on 29 April 1862
    • d. on 10 August 1866 bur. at Boonton Avenue Cemetery, Boonton, NJ
  5. MARY E.2 MAXFIELD (find)
    • b. on 4 April 1866
    • d. on 11 August 1866 bur. at Boonton Avenue Cemetery, Boonton, NJ
  6. SAMUEL H.2 MAXFIELD b. at New Jersey abt 1867
  7. HARRY2 MAXFIELD b. at New Jersey on 23 December 1869
    • b. at Livingston Township on 27 March 1873 (WWI Draft)
    • Census. 1910 at East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey (883:1:57B)
      • Maxfield, George head male white 36 married (first) 4 years, b. NJ parents b. England, England, clerk, vegetable market
      • Maxfield, Margaret wife female white 22 married (first) 4 years 0 children b. Ireland parents b. Ireland, Ireland immigrate 1904, occupation: none
    • draft reg. December 1918 New Jersey
        George C. Maxfield, Essex County Hospital, Cedar Grove, Essex Co., NJ
        age 45 b. 27 Mar 1873 white, native born, insane patient
        rel: Margaret Maxfield, wife, c/o Nellie Cowan, RFD 1 Chatman, NJ
    • cewnsus. 1930 at Cedar Grove Township, Essex County, NJ (1328:) Essex County Hospital for the Insane
        Maxfield, George C. patient male white 55 married b. NJ, parents b. England England, occ.: none
    • m. abt 1905/6 MARGARET ________ (1910 census)
      • b. at Rathmullen, co. Donegal, Ireland, on 22 October 1887 (Pass)
      • imm. 1904 (Pass)
      • Passport. at Newark, Essex Co., NJ, on 11 September 1916 (Pass)
          stamp: Sep 25, 1916 NJ, Essex Co.
          Margaret Maxfield b. Rathmullen, Donegal Co., Ireland 22 Oct 1887
          husband res. U.S.A. 44 yrs, 1872-1916 at Newark, NJ is a citizen and native of U.S.A.
          I am wife, resident in U.S.A. 13 years from 1904 to 1916 at Newark, NJ
          res. 69 Sterling St., East Orange, NJ; housekeeper
          will return within 1 year going to Ireland - to take care of my brother who has been wounded in the war and is now an invalid
          leave New York on "California" Sep 30, 1916
          age 29 4' 8" narrow forehead, blue eyes, medium nose, medium mouth, long chin, dark brown hair, fair complexion, long face
          statement, Livingston, NJ, Sep 22, 1916
          To whom it may concern,
          I Emily J. DeCamp (widow) and of Livingston, New Jersey, do make the following statement as to the birth of George Maxfield son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth Maxfield, deceased. That shortly after my marriage to my late husband Benjamin DeCamp, deceased, I did in the year 1871 commence keeping house in a 2 family house situated on Mount Pleasant Ave. in Livingston, NJ, said house belonging at that time to R. Harrison. That I resided there for 3 years. That during that period of 3 years Joseph Maxfield and Elizabeth his wife occupied a portion of said house. That about in 1872 or 3 they had a son born that they named George, and that I was present at the time he was born. That I have known him since and that he is still living.
          Emily J. DeCamp
          Livingston, NJ Sept 22nd, 1916
          To whom it may concern,
          I William Van Zee of Livingston, Essex County, NJ, do make the following statement, viz.
          That I have resided on Mount Pleasant Ave. Livingston since the year 1870, Five hundred feet east of a dwelling situated on the same street and belonging to R. F. Harrison. That Mr and Mrs. Joseph Maxfield, was in the year residing in the said Harrison House. That in or about the year 1872 or 3 they had a son born who was christened George Maxfield, that I have known him ever since. That he has resided in the county of Essex ever since and is still living.
          William Van Zee
      • Census. 1930 at 132 William Street, Orange, Essex Co., NJ (1343:)
        • Maxfield, Margaret head rent $30 radio female white 41 married at age 18 b. Northern Ireland, parents b. Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, imm. 1904, naturalized, occ: none
        • Johnson, Martha A. niece female white 16 single b. Northern Ireland, parents b. Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, imm. 1930 alien, occ: none
      • d. on May 1977, res. East Orange, NJ (SSDI)


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