William and John Maxfield
of Brooklyn, New York
and Their Descendants
Fourth Generation

JOHN FOWLER4 MAXFIELD (John3-2, William1) was born in New Jersey on 15 February 1884 (FL D), a child of John F. Maxfield and his wife Caroline Todd.

John F. Maxfield married about 1920 MARY L., who was born in Kentucky about 1886/7 (1930 census).

The 1930 census (1338:2B) reported this family at 366 Simmons (the street name is difficult to read) Avenue, Newark, New Jersey:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Maxfield, John F. head M W 47 M NJ NY NY doctor
Maxfield, Mary L. wife F W 43 M KY KY KY none
Maxfield, Carolyn daughter F W 9 S NJ NJ KY none
Maxfield, William son M W 7 S NJ NJ KY none

This record also reported that John and Mary were married at ages 37 and 33 respectively, and that John was a veteran of the World War.

John F. Maxfield died at Pinellas County, Florida, on 19 January 1970 (FL D).

John and Mary Maxfield had the following children:

    • b. in New Jersey about 1920/1 (1930 census)
    • b. in New Jersey about 1922/3 (1930 census)


Sources abbreviated above include:

Florida Death Index. ancestry.com.

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