William and John Maxfield
of Brooklyn, New York
and Their Descendants
Fourth Generation

JOHN GUION4 MAXFIELD (Charles3, John2, William1) was born at Brooklyn, New York (child's birth record), on June 1865 (1900 census), a child of Charles W. Maxfield and his wife Ellen Evans. Before his marriage, John G. Maxfield had settled in Springfield, Massachusetts, and was a merchant.

John Guion Maxfield married EDNA WESTFALL VOORHEES at Elizabeth, New Jersey, on 12 September 1888 (VR Spring 10:48:271). Their marriage was recorded at Springfield, Massachusetts, as follows:

Sep 12, 1888 in Elizabeth, NJ:
John Guion Maxfield of Springfield, 23, 1st, merchant, b. USA to Charles W. and Elline (Evans)
Edna Westfall Voorhees of Elizabeth, NJ, 20, 1st, b. USA to John and Elizabeth (Allen);
by Philip S. Evans, clergyman of New Haven
Edna Voorhees was born at Montague, Sussex County, New Jersey (child's birth record), in September 1868 (1900 census), a child of John Voorhees and Elizabeth Allen.

According to the Springfield City Directories, John G. Maxfield lived at 27 Mattoon Street, Springfield in 1890, and at 85 Harvard Street in 1891. In 1890 he was working for B. F. Steele & Co., wholesale fruit and commission merchants. In 1891 he was simply listed as a "fruit merchant."

The 1900 census (652:2:295) reported this family at 26 Lafayette Street, Springfield:

Name Related Race Sex Born MS B FB MB Occupation
Maxfield, John D. head W M Jun 1865 M NY NY England wholesale fruit
Maxfield, Edna V. wife W F Sep 1868 M NJ NJ NJ
Maxfield, Marjorie daughter W F Jul 1891 S MA NY NJ at school
Maxfield, Edna V. daughter W F Apr 1897 S MA NY NJ

The 1920 census (701:10A) reported John, Edna, and daughter Edna at Longmeadow, Massachusetts. John was owner of a wholesale fruit company, wife and daughter were not employed. This record differed from other family records in that it listed John's mother's birth place as "at sea."

John G. and Edna Maxfield had the following children:

    • b. at Springfield on 13 July 1891 (VR Spring 13:595)
      • Res. 85 Harvard St., to John G. and Edna W. (Voorhees) of Springfield; he fruit merchant b. Brooklyn, NY, she b. Montague, NJ.
    • b. in Massachusetts on April 1897 (1900 census)


Sources abbreviated above include:

VR Spring
Holbrook, Jay Mack, ed. Vital Records of Springfield, Massachusetts. Oxford, Mass.: Holbrook Research Institute.

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