Descendants of Seth and James Maxfield
of Overton County, Tennessee
Second Generation

SETH2 MAXFIELD (perhaps John1) was born at Pennsylvania perhaps about 1760, the child of an unidentified probably immigrant perhaps named JOHN MAXFIELD. Seth Maxfield's name may appear on a tax list in Washington County, Virginia, in the 1790s (Drake). He was assessed at Grainger County, Tennessee, in 1799 (Tn censuses) and at Warren County, Kentucky, in 1800/1 (Ky Census 1800). The 1830 Census (175:45) reported Seth Maxfield in Marion County, Tennessee, with a family consisting of:

age male female
60-69 1
50-59 1
15-20 1

This can be explained as Seth Maxfield, born between 1760 and 1770, his wife, born between 1770 and 1780, and their youngest son McLin, born between 1810 and 1815.

The wife of Seth Maxfield died at Marion County about 1832; Seth died there about 1835. He was a Methodist.

Seth had the following children:

  1. JOHN3 MAXFIELD b. at Washington County, VA, about 1795
    • b. abt 1796
  3. ISAAC3 MAXFIELD b. at Tennessee in 1800
    • b. in 1809
    • Census. at Marion Co. in 1840 (528:251)
        30-39: 1 M 1 F
        20-29: 1 F
        5-10: 1 M 1 F
        0-5: 1 M 2 F
  5. HURAM3 MAXFIELD b. at Tennessee about 1810/1
  6. McLIN3 MAXFIELD b. at Tennessee about 1813/4


Information on this family is found in:

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