Descendants of Seth and James Maxfield
of Overton County, Tennessee
First Generation

SETH and JAMES MAXFIELD were taxed in Warren County, Kentucky, in 1800/1 (Ky Census 1800). Seth was taxed at Grainger County, Tennessee, in 1799 (Tn Censuses). According to one internet source, Seth and James Maxfield appeared on a tax list in Washington County, Virginia in the 1790s (Drake). I have not found this record. The search for the history of this family is made difficult by the gaps in census records for Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee in these early years. According to a genealogy prepared by Cullom Maxfield (Cullom), the original Maxfield immigrant, unnamed, was born in Ireland about 1730, and died in Tennessee about 1800. His wife, also unnamed, was born about 1730 and died about 1785. They had four children, but Cullom Maxfield names only three: John, Seth and James. According to a pedigree submitted by Daniel L. Gilvin (LDS), Seth Maxfield's father was named John.

More research needs to be done. The 1850 Census reported James Maxfield's birth state as Pennsylvania. A likely hypothesis suggested by this data is that a Maxfield, perhaps from Ireland, perhaps named John, emigrated to Pennsylvania, where his children were born. After their mother's death, the sons, perhaps with their father, migrated along a common route from Pennsylvania, through the first valley of the Appalachians, through Virginia, and across the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky and Tennessee. More research needs to be done.

An unnamed Maxfield, perhaps John, had the following children:

  1. SETH2 MAXFIELD b. at Pennsylvania about 1760
    • b. at Pennsylvania about 1770
    • d. at Tennessee about 1840
    • m. (unidentified)
      • b. about 1800
      • d. at Overton County, TN, about 1842
      • religion: Methodist
      • five children
  3. JAMES2 MAXFIELD b. at Pennsylvania about 1776/7


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