Descendants of Hezekiah Maxfield
of Maryland
Second Generation

JAMES2 MAXFIELD (Hezekiah1) was born at Maryland on 31 January 1793 (Adams), probably the son of Hezekiah Maxfield and his wife Mary Downing.

I have no proof of James' parentage, but believe it probable on the basis of the following:

According to Goodspeed's History of McDonald County, Missouri, James "was captured by the Indians, and remained seven years serving as a waiter for the noted Chief Kosaasco (Goodspeed 122)." This was a family memory told by a great-grandson. I have not found a record of this chief. As James Maxfield was recorded in every census from 1820 to 1870, and his children's birth dates are interspersed from 1814 to 1836, the most likely time for this captivity to have occurred was in his childhood.

James Maxfield married SARAN BRAIN in 1813. Sarah was born at Maryland on 12 November 1793 (Adams).

Census records recorded the James Maxfield family at Monongalia County, Virginia, in 1820 (142:75) and at Cambridge Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, in 1830 (131:475) and 1840 (397:367). The reports of persons by gender and age group can be explained as follows:

Name 1820 1830 1840
James Male 26-44 Male 30-40 Male 40-50
Sarah Female 16-25 Female 30-40 Female 40-50
? perhaps brother Hezekiah or George Male 20-30
? Female 15-20
Kinse Male 0-9 Male 15-20
Simeon Male 0-9 Male 10-15
Jesse Male 0-9 Male 10-15
Asa Albert Male 5-10
Amanda Female 5-10 Female 15-20
Elvin Male 0-5 Male 10-15
Matilda Female 0-5 Female 10-15
Andrew John Male 0-5

Sarah's age was underestimated in 1820. Perhaps daughter Emilia died as an infant.

James Maxfield was reported in Sangamon County, Illinois in the 1850 (127:284B), 1860 (226:362) and 1870 (281:1:239A) censuses. The location was reported as Dawson Post Office in 1860 and 1870, and Mechanicsburg Township in 1870. James was a farmer in 1850 and 1860, retired carpenter in 1870. In 1850 the household consisted of James and Sarah and youngest son Andrew. In 1860, the houshold had added Andrew's young bride and infant son, and also George, the 10 year old son of James's son Jesse. The 1870 census reported James, now a widower, with his son Jesse, Jesse's second wife Orlinda, their child Mary, age 8, and James Jr., age 22, Jesse's son by his first wife. Jesse and James Jr. were engaged in farming.

Sarah (Brain) Maxfield died at Mechanicsburg Township, Sangamon County, on April 1870 (1870 Census Mort). James Maxfield died in 1880 (Adams).

James Maxfield and his wife Sarah Brain had the following children:

    • b. 21 May 1814 (Adams)
  2. SIMEON3 MAXFIELD b. at Ohio [?] on 28 December 1815
    • b. 21 October 1817 (Adams)
    • d. probably before 1820 (not indicated in any census records)
  4. JESSE3 MAXFIELD b. at Virginia on 23 October 1819
  5. ASA ALBERT3 MAXFIELD b. at Virginia on 23 February 1819
    • b. 9 April 1824 (Adams)
    • b. at Virginia on 6 December 1828 (Adams)
    • d. at Sangamon County, IL, on April 1850 (1850 Census Mort) bilious fever
    • b. 8 October 1829 (Adams)
  9. ANDREW JOHN3 MAXFIELD b. at Cambridge Township, Guernsey County, OH, on 29 September 1836


Information on this family is found in:

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