Descendants of Edward Maxfield
of Quebec
First Generation

EDWARD1 MAXFIELD was born probably in England or Scotland, probably about 1787/8. The family tradition is that he had "some connection to the British Army." (George Maxfield). He married MARGUERITE BOURBON at Saint Andrews Scottish Presbyterian Church, Quebec, on 15 May 1809 (George Maxfield). Marguerite was born at Quebec on 6 March 1785 (Beaudoin).

The following is speculation only. Why did Edward Maxfield leave the British Army to live in Quebec in 1809? At that time, Napoleon's armies were marching across Austria. Britain was engaged in war with pro-French forces in Spain, and occupying French colonies around the world. Could it be that Edward did not want to engage in this war? Beginning in the third generation, several descendants of Edward are named Napoleon. Could this be a sign that this family's sympathies were not with the British in the Napoleonic Wars?

Edward was described as a day laborer (journalier) in all of the birth and death records of his children except one, in 1812, which describede him as a merchant (marchand).

Edward died sometime after the recorded burial of one of his children in 1820, and before his wife's death in 1829. Marguerite Bourbon Maxfield died a widow at Quebec on 9 September 1829; she was buried on 11 September (ND de Q 1829:187).

Edward Maxfield and his wife Marguerite Bourbon had the following children:

    • b. at Quebec on 10 July 1809
    • bp. at Quebec on 11 July 1809 (ND de Q 1808/9:266)
    • d. at Quebec on 16 September 1809
    • bur. at Quebec on 17 September 1809 (ND de Q 1808/9:301)
    • b. at Quebec on 26 June 1810
    • bp. at Quebec on 27 June 1810 (ND de Q 1810/1:72)
    • d. at Quebec on 17 April 1811
    • bur. at Quebec on 19 April 1811 (ND de Q 1810/1:239)
  3. JOSEPH EDWARD2 MAXFIELD bp. at Quebec on 2 March 1812
    • b. at Quebec on 14 March 1814
    • bp. at Quebec on 15 March 1814 (ND de Q 1814:28)
    • d. at Quebec on 24 November 1820
    • bur. at Quebec on 25 November 1820 (ND de Q 1820:201)
  5. AUGUSTIN2 MAXFIELD b. at Quebec on 17 September 1816


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