Descendants of David Maxfield
of Georgia and Fairfax, Vermont
Sixth Generation

FLOYD ROGER6 MAXFIELD (Page5, Edward4, John3, Henry2, David1) was born at Burlington, Vermont, on 9 May 1930 (Fairfax Gen), a child of Page E. Maxfield and his second wife Evelyn Alma Irish.

Floyd Roger "Sonny" Maxfield married JUNE MARSHA CLAPPER on 21 April 1951 (Fairfax Gen).

Floyd Roger Maxfield and his wife June Clapper had four children.


Information on this family is found in:

Fairfax Gen
Raymond, Henry A. Fairfax Genealogy Listing. At Fairfax, VT, Town Clerk's Office.

NOTE: This genealogy page contains the information which I have available at this time. It is not a thorough genealogy. If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page, and I can make suggestions for more complete research.

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