Descendants of David Maxfield
of Georgia and Fairfax, Vermont
Fifth Generation

GEORGE H. "HEATER"5 MAXFIELD (George4, Minor3, Henry2, David1) was born at Virginia about 1872/3 (1880 census; 1880/1 in 1910 census), a child of George Lewis and Edmonia Elizabeth Maxfield.

George H. Maxfield married HATTIE about 1897/8 (1910 census). She was born at Virginia about 1881/2 (1910 census).

The 1910 census reported this family at Rock Hill District, Stafford County, Virginia, just five households after his parents:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Maxfield, Heater head M W 39 M1 VA PA PA farmer
general farm
Maxfield, Hattie wife F W 28 M1 VA VA VA none
Maxfield, Mitchel son M W 10 S VA VA VA
Maxfield, Kenney son M W 7 S VA VA VA
Maxfield, Bertie daughter F W 6/12 S VA VA VA

Heater and Hattie had been married twelve years; Hattie had four children, three living.

I have no further information on George and Hattie. However the 1930 census (299:) reported the two sons and their wives at 614 7th Street Northeast, Washington, DC:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Maxfield, Mitchell R. head M W 25 M VA VA VA driver
express co.
Maxfield, Elsie M. wife F W 24 M VA VA VA stenographer
Maxfield, Kennie M. head M W 22 M VA VA VA halfer miler
U. S. Govt
Maxfield, Vera L. wife F W 21 M VA VA VA none

The census listed age at time of marriage, which in each case was one year less than their age.

George "Heater" and Hattie Maxfield had at least four children, including the following children:

    • b. at Virginia on 16 April 1904 (SSDI)
    • d. on March 1980 (SSDI)
    • m. about 1929 ELSIE M. (1930 census)
      • b. at Virginia on 8 September 1905 (SSDI)
      • d. on May 1983 (SSDI)
    • b. at Virginia on 13 December 1907 (SSDI)
    • d. on April 1980 (SSDI)
    • m. about 1929 VERA L. (1930 census)
      • b. at Virginia about 1908/9 (1930 census)
    • b. at Vriginia about September 1909 (1910 census)


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Social Security Death Index.

NOTE: This genealogy page contains the information which I have available at this time. It is not a thorough genealogy. If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page, and I can make suggestions for more complete research.

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