Descendants of David Maxfield
of Georgia and Fairfax, Vermont
Fourth Generation

JOHN BROWNELL 4 MAXFIELD(John3, Henry2, David1) was born at Fairfax, Vermont, on 2 April 1861 (VR Vt; Fairfax Gen), a child of John H. Maxfield and his wife Mary H. Stearns. According to the record, John's mother Mary was born at Corinth, Vermont, and resided at Fairfax; his father John H. Maxfield was born at Georgia, Vermont, and was a farmer.

John B. Maxfield married CARRIE E. BEVINS at Fairfax on 6 January 1886 (Fairfax Gen). Carrie was born at Vermont about October 1862 (1900 census).

The John and Carrie Maxfield household appeared in the 1900 census (1691:2:67A) at Fairfax as follows:

Name Related Race Sex Born MS B FB MB Occupation
Maxfield, John B. head W M Apr 1861 M VT VT VT farmer
Maxfield, Carrie E. wife W F Oct 1862 M VT VT VT
Maxfield, Don H. son M W Feb 1890 S VT VT VT at school
Maxfield, Grace E. daughter W F Mar 1892 S VT VT VT
Maxfield, Lena M. daughter W F Mar 1894 S VT VT VT
Maxfield, Cora E. daughter W F Jun 1895 S VT VT VT
Maxfield, Hazel M. daughter W F Jan 1898 S VT VT VT

This record also indicated that John and Carrie had been married fifteen years, and that Carrie had seven children, of whom five were living. The household also included a servant, Ellen E. Abain, age 23, described as a "dairy woman."

John B. Maxfield died on 18 November 1907 (Lennie). The 1910 census reported Lena and Cora, teenagers, in other homes, and Walter with uncle Edward. In 1920 Grace and Hazel were living with Aunt Edna, and Walter was a hired man on another farm. In 1930 Hazel was with uncle Robert Corrigan, and Donald had his own family. All of the surviving children remained in the area, at least for a while, which leads one to believe that John and Carrie may have both died some time between 1900 and 1910.

John Brownell Maxfield and his wife Carrie E. Bevins had the following children:

    • b. at Fairfax on 28 March 1887 (Fairfax Gen)
    • d. at Fairfax on 2 March 1896 (Fairfax Gen)
  2. DONALD HARRISON5 MAXFIELD b. at Fairfax on 18 February 1890 (Fairfax Gen).
    • b. at Vermont on March 1892 (1910 census; 1893 in 1920 census)
    • census. at Fairfax in 1920 with aunt Edna Corrigan (1872:9B)
    • b. at Fairfax on 4 March 1894 (Fairfax Gen)
    • census. at Fairfax in 1910 (1614:2:79B) in Farnswortk household
      • Maxfield, Leana M. boarder F W 16 Single, b. VT, parents b. VT VT, occ.: none
    • d. at Fairfax on 17 February 1920 (Fairfax Gen)
    • b. at Fairfax on 28 June 1895 (Fairfax Gen)
    • census. at Westford, VT, in 1910 (1613:2:290B) in household of William H. (65) and Lucilia H. (55) Durkee
      • Maxfield, Cora E. servant F W 14 Single, b. VT, parents b. VT VT, house servant, general housework
    • d. about 1934/5 (Lennie)
        her body and the bodies of her two children were found apparently murdered (shot) in the woods of East Middlebury, VT as forensics were not as advanced at the time the bodies were never absolutely identified. Though from what my mother tells me they found a purse next to the woman's body with a slip of paper that had my grandmother's name on it in approximately 1934/5
    • b. at Fairfax of 28 June 1895 (Fairfax Gen)
    • d. at Fairfax on 3 October 1895 (Fairfax Gen)
    • b. at Fairfax on 23 January 1898 (Fairfax Gen)
    • census. at Fairfax in 1930 (2428:)
      • Corrigan, Robert A. head M W 57 Wd b. Canada English, parents b. Canada English Canada English English, farmer, general farm
      • Maxfield, Hazel M. niece F W 32 Single, b. VT, parents b. VT VT, occ.: none
    • d. at Saint Albans, VT, on 29 February 1932 (Lennie)
    • b. at Fairfax on 16 June 1900 (Fairfax Gen; WW Draft; 1899 in 1920 census; 1900/1 in 1910 census)
    • draft reg. at Chittenden County, VT, on 1918 (WW Draft)
      • Walter John Maxfield
        Milton, Chittenden Co., VT
        age 18; b. June 16, 1900 white
        farmer for George Allen, Milton
        relative: Grace Maxfield, Cambridge, VT
        medium height, medium build, brown eyes, dark hair
    • census. at Milton, VT, in 1920 (1872:4B) on Westford Road in household of George and Florence Allen
      • Maxfield, Walter hired man M W 20 Single b. VT, parents b. VT VT, laborer, farm
    • m. at Milton on 1 June 1922 ALICE M. SMITH (Lennie)


Information on this family is found in:

Other sources abbreviated above include:
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State of Vermont. General Index to Vital Records. microfilm, Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Ut.
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