Descendants of David Maxfield
of Georgia and Fairfax, Vermont
Fourth Generation

GEORGE H.4 MAXFIELD (Rimmon3, Henry2, David1) was born at Vermont about 1848/9 (1860 census; 1851/2 at New York in 1880, 1910 censuses), a child of Rimmon Maxfield and his first wife Mary.

George H. Maxfield married LUCINDA JANE MOREHOUSE about 1879/80 (1910 census). Lucinda was born at Vermont about 1849/50 (1880 census; 1850/1 New York in 1910 census). She was probably married to GEORGE SCRIBNER before 1870, when George, 25, and Jennie, 20, Scribner appeared in the census (1618:737) at Westford, Vermont, immediately before the household of Daniel, 44, and Susan, 49, Morehouse.

The 1880 census (1343:321B) reported George Maxfield in a Morehouse household at Underhill, Vermont:

Name Related MS Sex Race Age B Occupation FB MB
D. W. Morehouse self M M W 53 VT carpenter
Harriet Morehouse wife M F W 60 VT keeping house VT Canada
George Maxfield son-in-law M M W 28 NY carpenter VT VT
L. Jane Maxfield wife M F W 30 VT keeping house VT VT
Milo Scribner son S M W 7 VT at home VT VT

Evidently the census taker did not record each persons relationship to the head of the house, but rather each person's relationship to the preceding name.

The 1910 census (1617:1:312B) reported this family on Water Street, Northfield, Washington County, Vermont:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Maxfield, George H. head M W 58 M1 NY Unk Unk sawyer, lumber
Maxfield, Lucinda J. wife F W 59 M2 NY VT VT none
Maxfield, Leslie R. son M W 29 S VT NY NY laborer,
odd jobs
Andrews, Jennie E. daughter F W 23 M1 VT NY NY merchant,
variety store
Andrews, Alice S. granddaughter F W 1 3/12 S VT VT VT none
Maxfield, Etta May daughter F W 17 S VT NY NY knitting, hosiery
Maxfield, Sanford P. boarder M W 60 M3 NY Unk NY laborer,
odd jobs

The name "Andrews" is written over a line, and extremely difficult to read; it could be in error. The above record also indicated that George and Lucinda had been married 30 years; Lucinda had twelve children, only four of whom were still living. These would be Leslie, Jennie, and Etta May, mentioned here, and Milo by her first marriage. Jennie had been married three years, and had one child, living. Sanford, uncle to George, had been married six years.

George H. Maxfield is named on his son Leslie's draft registration as next of kin. George, therefore, was still living, and in Northfield, in September 1918. I have no further information on George and Lucinda Jane.

George H. Maxfield and his wife Lucinda Jane Morehouse had the following children:

    • b. at Vermont on 30 April 1881 (WW Draft; 1880/1 VT in 1910 census)
    • draft reg. at Washington County, VT, on 12 September 1918 (WW Draft)
      • Leslie Rimmone Maxfield
        North Main, Northfield, Washington Co., VT age 37; b. Apr 30, 1881
        lumbering; Maxfield & Son, North Main, Northfield
        relative: George H. Maxfield, Northfield
        5' 11" medium build, blue eyes, light brown hair
    • b. at Vermont about 1886/7 (1910 census)
    • m. about 1906/7 ______ ANDREWS (1910 census)
      • b. at Vermont (1910 census)
    • b. at Vermont about 1892/3 (1910 census)

Lucinda Jane Morehouse, later wife of George H. Maxfield, had the following child by her first husband George Scribner:


Information on this family is found in:

Other sources abbreviated above include:
International Genealogical Index. (No further documentation given).
WW Draft
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.

NOTE: This genealogy page contains the information which I have available at this time. It is not a thorough genealogy. If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page, and I can make suggestions for more complete research.

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