Descendants of David Maxfield
of Georgia and Fairfax, Vermont
Third Generation

LEONARD3 MAXFIELD (Levi2, David1) was born at Vermont about 1807/8 (1850, 1860 censuses; 1809/10 in 1870 census; 1802/3 in 1880 census) a child of Levi Maxfield and his wife Laura Richmond.

Leonard Maxfield's wife by the time of the 1850 census was NANCY. If she is the mother of all of Leonard's children, she was fourteen years old when she first gave birth. I cannot determine if this was the case, or if Leonard's first children were by an earlier wife. Nancy was born at New York about 1819/20 (1850 census; 1817/8 in 1860 census).

According to the birth places of Leonard's children, they were living in Ohio by 1833, had moved back to New York between 1836 and 1840, then moved to Michigan between 1843 and 1847. Leonard was called a farmer in the 1840 census, a sawyer in 1860, 1870 and 1880. His occupation in the 1850 census looks like "lawyer," but is probably sawyer.

The 1840 census (335:227) reported the Leonard Maxfield family at Madrid, Saint Lawrence County, New York, consisting of a male in his 30s, a female in her 20s, and three children under 5, two girls and a boy.

The 1850 census (735) reported this family at Plymouth Township, Wayne County, Michigan. The family consisted of Leonard, 42, Nancy, 30, Arvilla, 16, Calvin, 14, Laura, 9, Mary, 6, and Henry K., 2.

The 1860 census (564:) reported the family at the same township as follows:

Name Age Sex Occupation R.E. P.E. Birthplace Other
Leonard Maxfield 52 M sawyer $200 $150 VT
Nancy Maxfield 42 F housekeeper NY
Calvin Maxfield 23 M OH
Laura Maxfield 18 F housekeeper NY school
Mary Maxfield 16 F housekeeper NY school
Henry R. Maxfield 13 M MI school
Hona Maxfield 7 F MI school
Andrew F. Maxfield 2 M MI

Nancy died between 1860 and 1870. The 1870 census (687:1:131A) reported Leonard Maxfield, age 60, sawyer, living at Hartland Township, Livingston County, Michigan, with his mother, Laura Maxfield, age 80. According to this record, both mother and son were born at Vermont, both were widowed, and neither could write.

The 1880 census (610:308B) found Leonard back at Plymouth Township, living in the hotel of his son Calvin. That record gave Leonard's age as 77, occupation sawyer, and he and both parents were born at Vermont.

I have no further record of Leonard Maxfield, and no record of his death.

Leonard Maxfield had the following children, probably by his wife Nancy:

    • b. at Ohio about 1833/4 (1850 census)
    • m. at Wayne County, MI, on 25 July 1852 GEORGE P. McFARLIN (MI M)
  2. CALVIN4 MAXFIELD b. at Ohio about 1836
    • b. at New York about 1841 (1840/1 in 1850 census; 1841/2 in 1860 census)
    • b. at New York about 1843/4 (1850, 1860 censuses)
    • b. at Michigan about 1847/8 (1850, 1860 censuses)
    • b. at Michigan about 1852/3 (1860 census)
    • b. at Michigan about 1857/8 (1860 census)


Information on this family is found in:

Other sources abbreviated above include:
Michigan Marriages, 1851-75.

NOTE: This genealogy page contains the information which I have available at this time. It is not a thorough genealogy. If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page, and I can make suggestions for more complete research.

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