Descendants of David Maxfield
of Georgia and Fairfax, Vermont
Third Generation

THOMAS3 MAXFIELD (Levi2, David1) was born at Vermont about 1815 (1806/7 VT in 1850 census; 1814/5 VT in 1860 census; 1814/5 Canada in 1880 census; 1814 VT in Needham; W Highland Cem gives 1817, but age at death points to 1804/5), a child of Levi Maxfield and his wife Laura Richmond.

Thomas Maxfield married MELINDA about 1841. She was born at Ohio on September 1821 (1900 census; 1821/2 in 1850 census; 1820/1 in 1860, 1880 censuses; 1819/20 in 1870 census).

The Thomas Maxfield family was reported at Hartland Township, Livingston County, Michigan, in the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses. The 1850 census (879) listed Thomas Maxfield, 33, farmer, Malinda, 28, Levi, 8, Laura, 7, David, 4, and Philo, 3. Thomas was born at Vermont, Malinda and Levi at Ohio, the last three at Michigan. This places their migration from Ohio to Michigan about 1843.

The 1860 census (552:) reported the family as follows:

Name Age Sex Occupation R.E. P.E. Birthplace Other
Thos. Maxfield 45 M VT
Melinda Maxfield 39 F OH
Levi H. Maxfield 18 M OH school
Laura Maxfield 16 F MI school
Orwell Maxfield 15 M MI school
Philo Maxfield 13 M MI school
Clarissa Maxfield 8 F MI school

By the 1870 census (687:1:131A) all of the earlier children had left home, but a new child had arrived. The record listed Thomas Maxfield, 54, farmer, Melinda, 50, keeping house, and William, 8, in school. According to this record, Thomas and Melinda could not write.

The 1880 census (592:130C) reported the couple with no children at home. According to this census, Thomas, 65, farmer, was born in Canada, his parents in New York, his wife, Malinda, keeping house, was born in Ohio, as were her parents.

Thomas Maxfield died at Hartland Township on 15 September 1886, allegedly age 81 (W Highland Cem).

The 1900 census (711:1:278) reported Melinda Maxfield living with her son Philo at Thetford Township, Genesee County, Michigan. Melinda was 78 year old, born September 1821 at Ohio, her parents were born at New York. Melinda, a widow, had 6 children, 4 of whom were living in 1900. I have no further information on Malinda and no information on her death.

Thomas and Malinda Maxfield had the following children:

  1. LEVI H.4 MAXFIELD b. at Ohio about 1840/1
    • b. at Michigan about 1843 (1842/3 in 1850 census; 1843/4 in 1860 census)
  3. DAVID ORSO4 MAXFIELD b. at Michigan about 1845
  4. PHILO4 MAXFIELD b. at Michigan on October 1847
    • b. at Michigan about 1852 (1851/2 in 1860 census; 1852/3 in 1870 census)
    • census. at Hartland Township, Livingston County, in 1870 (687:1:131B) in household of Ed V. and Rachel Clark
      • Maxfield, Clarissa 17 F W housework MI
    • b. at Hartland Township about April 1862 (VR MI D)
    • d. at Hartland Township on 17 December 1878 (VR MI D)
      • Maxfield, William D., Hartland, Livingston Co., M W S, 16 y, 8 mo, inflammation of brain, b. Hartland, MI, farmer, child of Thomas Maxfield of Hartland and Melinda Maxfield of MI


Information on this family is found in:

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NOTE: This genealogy page contains the information which I have available at this time. It is not a thorough genealogy. If anyone is interested in pursuing this further, contact me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page, and I can make suggestions for more complete research.

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