Descendants of Clement Maxfield
of Dorchester, Massachusetts
Eighth Generation

HIRAM DROWN8 MAXFIELD (probably John7, perhaps Daniel6, probably Daniel5,4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, Clement1) was born at Bristol, Rhode Island, on 20 October 1823, according to his death record. According to his second marriage record, his parents were John and Nancy Maxfield, although his death record mentions only one parent, named Mary. He is placed here as a child of John Maxfield and his wife Nancy Drowne because of his middle name, even though he is not mentioned in her father's will.

Hiram Maxfield married ABBY N. ANGELL probably some time around 1845. Abby was born at Smithfield, Rhode Island, about 1827 (1826/7 in 1850 Census; 1827/8 in death record), a child of William and Mary Angell.

The Hiram Maxfield family of Warren, Rhode Island was reported in the 1850 Census (Bristol Co., 88) as follows:

Name Age Sex Occupation R.E. Birthplace Other
Hiram S. Maxfield 26 M confectioner RI
Abby M. Maxfield 23 F RI
Josephine W. Maxfield 4 F RI
Almira D. Maxfield 5/12 F RI
George Andrews 18 M confectioner RI

Abby Maxfield died at Warren on 5 January 1859 (VR RI D 1859:836):

Warren: Jan 5, 1859 Abby M. Maxfield, 31 y 3 mo of Warren, female, white, married, head of family, b. Smithfield, RI to William and Mary Angell, American, bur. Warren, typhoid fever
Hiram Maxfield married as his second wife at Warren on 12 April 1860 ELIZA K. PHINNEY (VR RI M 1860:538), as follows:
Warren, Apr 12, 1860
Hiram D. Maxfield of Warren, 37, express man, b. Bristol to John and Nancy Maxfield, 2d;
Eliza K. Phinney of Warren, 23, b. Warren, RI, to Thomas K. and Abby Phinney, 1st;
by Charles H. Titus, Methodist clergyman
According to this record, Eliza was born at Warren about 1836/7.

Hiram Maxfield was described in various records as a confectioner (1850), trader (1852), express man (1857-60), sheriff (1861) and hotel keeper (1869), his residence in all these records was in Warren. The 1870 and 1880 censuses reported him as a hotel keeper at East Providence, Rhode Island.

The 1870 census (1475:1:202B) reported this family at East Providence:

Name Age Sex Race Occupation R.E. P.E. Birth Other
Maxfield, Hiram D. 46 M W entertainer--hotel keeper $1000 RI
Maxfield, Eliza N. 38 F W keeping house RI
Maxfield, Almira B. 20 F W RI
Maxfield, Abby F. 17 F W RI school
Maxfield, William M. 16 M W RI school
Maxfield, Abner H. A. 11 M W RI school
Maxfield, Charles T. 9 M W RI school

The 1880 census (1214:251B) reported Hiram D. Maxfield (56), hotel keeper, wife Eliza K. (42), and sons Abner H. (21) and Charles I. (19) living at East Providence.

Hiram Maxfield died at Warwick, Rhode Island, on 2 July 1884 (VR RI D 1884:589):

1884 Deaths, Warwick, Jul 2, 1884, Hiram Drown Maxfield, 60-8-13, d. Warwick, male, white, married, caterer, b. Bristol, American, to Mary; fat on heart and liver
Hiram Maxfield and his first wife Abby had the following children:
    • b. at Warren abt 1846 (1845/6 in 1850 Census; 1846/7 in marriage record)
    • m. at Warren on 11 April 1867 SAMUEL S. BAKER (VR RI M 1867:410)
      • Warren, Apr 11, 1867
        Samuel S. Baker of Providence, 21, white, merchant, b. Wickford to Samuel S. and Harriet Baker, 1st;
        Josephine W. Maxfield of Warren, 20, white, b. Warren to Hiram D. and Abby N. Maxfield, 1st;
        by Sidney Dean, ordained clergyman
      • b. at Wickford, RI, abt 1856/6 (marriage record)
    • b. at Warren abt February 1850 (1850 Census)
    • m. at East Providence on 15 December 1875 EDWARD WILCOX (VR RI M 1875:654)
      • East Providence, Dec 15, 1875
        Edward Wilcox of Tiverton, 34, white, sea captain, b. Tiverton to Holden A. Wilcox and Betsy Hart, 2d;
        Myra Drown Maxfield of East Providence, 25, white, b. Warren to Hiram D. Maxfield and Abby M. Angel, 1st;
        by W. N. Ackley, rector of Saint Mark's Church, Warren
      • b. at Tiverton, RI, abt 1840/1 (marriage record)
    • Warren on 21 October 1852 (VR RI B 1853/4:14)
      • Warren, Oct 21, 1852: female, white b. Warren to Hiram Maxfield of Warren, trader--name not given; identification determined by marriage record
    • m. at Warren on 1 November 1876 WILLIAM G. MAINE (VR RI M 1876:468)
      • Warren, Nov 1, 1876
        William G. Maine of Providence, 30, white, machinist, b. South Kingston, RI to William H. Maine and Catherine S. Stedman; 1st;
        Abbie F. Maxfield of East Providence, 24, white, b. Warren to H. D. Maxfield and Abby Angell, 1st;
        by S. K. Dexter, pastor, Baptist church
      • b. at South Kingston, RI, abt 1845/6 (marriage record)
  4. WILLIAM A.9 MAXFIELD b. at Warren abt 1853/4
    • b. at Warren on 6 April 1857 (VR RI B 1857:26)
      • Warren: Apr 6, 1857 Royal A. Maxfield, male, white, 6th, b. Warren to Hiram B. and Abby N. Maxfield, white of Warren, RI. He express, b. Bristol. She b. Smithfield
    • d. at Warren on 21 October 1857 RI (VR RI D 1857:800)
      • Warren: Oct 21, 1857, Royal A. Maxfield, 0-6-15, d. Warren, male, white, b. Warren to H. D. and Abby M. Maxfield, American, bur. Warren, S.B., infantile
    • b. at Warren on 14 December 1858 (VR RI B 1858:24)
      • Warren: Dec 14, 1858 Abner H. D., male, white, 5th, b. Warren to H. D. and Abby N. Maxfield, white, of Warren; he express b. Bristol; she b. Smithfield
    • d. at Johnston, RI, on 29 June 1881 (VR RI D 1881:1152)
      • 1881 Deaths, Town of Johnston, Jun 29, 1881, Abner H. A. Maxfield 22-7-15 d. Johnston, male, white, single, hotel keeper, b. Warren, RI, American, to Hiram D. and Abby M. Maxfield; disease of lungs
Hiram Maxfield and his second wife, Eliza, had the following children:
  1. CHARLES THOMAS9 MAXFIELD b. at Warren on 15 April, 1861
  2. (Unnamed)9 MAXFIELD
    • b. at Warren on 3 June, 1869 (VR RI B 1869:20)
      • Warren: Jun 3, 1869 stillborn, male, b. Warren to Hiram and Eliza Maxfield of Warren, he hotel keeper b. Barrington, she b. Me.
    • d. at Warren on 3 June, 1869 (VR RI D 1869:872)
      • Warren: Jun 3, 1869, no name (still born), d. Warren, male, white, single, stillborn, American, to Hiram D. and Eliza Maxfield, bur. South Cem.

Information on this family is found in: Other sources abbreviated above include:
Rhode Island Department of Health, Providence, Rhode Island. Vital Records. microfilm, Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Ut.

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