Descendants of Clement Maxfield
of Dorchester, Massachusetts
Eighth Generation

JAMES8 MAXFIELD, Junior, (James7, Daniel6, probably Daniel5-4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, Clement1) was born at Barrington, Rhode Island, on 5 February 1828 (VR RI 6:Barr:33). He was a child of James Maxfield and his wife Ann Eliza Watson.

JANE FOSTER married James Maxfield at Barrington on 5 December 1852 (VR RI M 1853:194):

Barrington Dec 5, 1852
James Maxfield, Jr. of Barrington, 24, farmer, b. Barrington to James and Eliza Maxfield, 1st;
Jane Foster of Barrington, 24, b. Nova Scotia to George and Margaret Foster, 1st
by S. S. Hyde, clergyman
Jane, according to her death and marriage records, and the birth records of her children, was born at Peitou, Nova Scotia, on 24 January 1828, a child of George and Margaret Foster.

The 1870 census (1471:1:1A) found this family living with James Maxfield, Senior, at Barrington (Barrington Center Post Office):

Name Age Sex Race Occupation R.E. P.E. Birth Other
Maxfield, James 72 M W farmer $2500 MA
Maxfield, James, Jr. 42 M W $2500 RI
Maxfield, Jane 42 F W keeping house Nova Scotia father for. b.
mother for. b.
Maxfield, John F. 22 M W house carpenter RI mother for. b.
Maxfield, James 16 M W RI mother for. b.
Maxfield, William 15 M W RI mother for. b.
Maxfield, Ann E. W. 11 F W RI mother for. b.

Jane Foster Maxfield died at Barrington on August 11 1878 (VR RI D 1878:946):

Aug 11, 1878, Jane Maxfield, 50-6-18, d. Barrington. Female, White, Married. b. Nova Scotia, American, to George and Margaret Foster. paralytic shock
She was buried at Prince's Hill Burial Ground, Barrington (RI Cem).

The 1880 census (1209:3A) reported James Maxfield, age 52, farming in Barrington. Living with him were his son James, 25, who worked in a jewelry shop, his daughter Annie E., age 22, keeping house, and a hired hand Arthur Davis.

The 1900 census (1504:1:2) reported widower Maxfield, born February 1828, farming in Barrington, living alone, but recorded immediately after his son James.

James Maxfield, Junior, died in 1906 (RI Cem) and was also buried at Prince's Hill Burial Ground.

James Maxfield and his wife Jane Foster had the following children:

  1. JOHN F.9 MAXFIELD b. at Bristol abt 1847/8
  2. JAMES9 MAXFIELD b. at Barrington on 2 February 1853
  3. WILLIAM FREDERICK9 MAXFIELD b. at Barrington on 17 April 1855
    • b. at Barrington on 25 November 1857 (death record)
    • d. at Barrington on 7 January 1895 (VR RI D 1895:622)
      • 1895 Deaths, Barrington, Jan 7, Ann E. W. Maxfield, 37 y 2 mo, 2 d. Barrington, female, white, single, b. Barrington, native, to James and Jane Maxfield; pneumonia, heart failure
    • bur. at Prince's Hill Burial Ground, Barrington (RI Cem)


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