Descendants of Clement Maxfield
of Dorchester, Massachusetts
Sixth Generation

DAVID6 MAXFIELD (probably Daniel5-4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, Clement1) was born about 1755/6, based on his age at death and on his pension records. He could be a son of Daniel Maxfield and his wife Mary Wilson.

David Maxfield served in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, for several periods between 1775 and 1783. For the full text of his Revolutionary War Pension Records, see below.

David Maxfield married MERIBAH about 1780, perhaps between periods of service in the Army. This was probably MERIBAH WOOD, born at Little Compton, Rhode Island, on 14 October 1762, a child of John Wood and his wife Emma Shaw (L C Fam, 784).

The Rhode Island Census of 1782 placed the family of David Maxfield in the town of Little Compton. It reported the following:

Age Male Female
under 16 0 1
16-22 0 1
22-50 1 0

David Maxfield, his wife Meribah, and their first child Hannah account for these figures.

Federal censuses from 1800 through 1830 reported the family in Bristol.


age male female
0-9 2 2
10-15 1 1
16-25 0 2
26-44 0 1
45+ 1 0


age male female
0-9 2 2
10-15 1 1
16-25 2 1
45+ 1 1


age male female
16-25 0 3
26-44 1 0
45+ 1 1


age male female
40-49 1 0
60-69 0 1
70-79 1 0

These records indicate more children than we have recorded by name.

Meribah Maxfield died at Bristol on 26 April 1834, age 66 years. (VR RI 6:1:147; RI Cem). David Maxfield died there, age 80 years, on 23 November 1836 (VR RI 6:1:147; RI Cem). They were both buried in the North Burial Ground, Bristol.

David and Meribah Maxfield had the following children that we know of:

    • m (1). (int. at Bristol on 10 March 1799 ) at Bristol on 6 October 1799, DANIEL HUNTER (son of Eldad) (GR 120:9)
    • m (2). JONATHAN BUSH (GR 120:5)
    • b. abt 1786 (RI Cem)
    • d. 28 September 1832 (RI Cem)
    • bur. North Burial Ground, Bristol (RI Cem)
    • m. on 28 January 1813 ABBY FINNEY FALES (dau. of John and Martha) (GR 120:10)
    • div. at Bristol County in March 1820 (
      • she m (2). Nathaniel Bosworth (GR 120:6)
  3. ABEL7 MAXFIELD b. in Rhode Island abt 1787
    • b. abt 1792/3 (age at death)
    • d. on 10 October 1795 in 3d year (RI Cem; RIGR 17:48)
    • bur. East Burial Ground, Bristol
  5. JOHN WOOD7 MAXFIELD b. in Rhode Island abt 1795
    • b. abt 1804/5 (father's pension record)

(Rev War Pens)


I, David Maxfield do hereby declare that I am a native of Bristol in the state of Rhode Island, and still a resident citizen of the United States, and I was engaged as a private soldier and non-commissioned officer during almost the whole period of the Revolutionary War in the land service of the United States. That I first enlisted in the autumn of A.D. 1775 for one year as a private soldier in the company first commanded by Billings Throop and afterward by Caleb Carr in the regiment commanded by Col. William Richmond. That at the expiration of my term I again enlisted in a company commanded by John Carr in the regiment commanded by Col. Archibald Crany for the period of fifteen months, during both which periods I served. That after various enlistments and services, in the spring of the year A.D. 1782 I enlisted in the company commanded by Capt. Peckham arriving to the cert of my revolution. Then in the regiment commanded by Col. Jeremiah Olney of the Rhode Island being for the period of nine months which I served. And was finally discharged at Saratoga nearly the close of the war in January of A.D. 1783.
I further declare that my cercumstances in life are reduced, that the failure of my debtor has stripped me of the property which I once possessed, that my age and infermities in a great measure incapacitate me for business, and that I stand in great need of assistance from my country for my comfortable support.
David Maxfield

State of Rhode Island, Bristol Co., at Bristol, 16 March 1818 came David Maxfield who submitted this afore going declaration and made solemn oath to the truth of the same.

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
County of Bristol
On this 26th day of June, 1820, personally appeared in open court being the court of common pleas, and a court of record for said county, David Maxfield, aged sixty-four, resident in Bristol in said county, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War in the regiment commanded by Col. Jeremiah Olney of the Rhode Island line and that I have received the pension certificate no. 11,532, and dated 7th of June 1819, that my original declaration is dated 18th April 1818. And I do solemnly sware that I was a resident citizen of the United States in the 18th of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, sale, or in any other manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to being my self within the provisions of an Act of Congress entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and navel service of the United States in the Revolutionary War," passed on the 18th of March 1818 and that I have not, nor has any person in trust for me, any property or securities, contracts or debts, due to me; nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereunto annexed and by me subscribed. Viz. One half of an old wooden house and nineteen acres of land valued as per appraisers certificate herein enclosed at nine hundred dollars, which is encumbered by two mortgages, agreable to the Town Clerk's certificate for the sum of six hundred and fifty-two dollars and sixty cents. one old mare, one cow, 2 small shoates, 1 old ox cart, 2 chains, one dozen chairs, iron ware, tin ware, 2 tables, one horse plough and some other articles hardly worth enumerating. That I am a laborer and work on the land now in my possession which is merely by the suffrage of my creditors, owing to several people over and above the mortgages somewhere about four hundred and twenty dollars; my family now consists of my wife and daughter by the name of Phebe, aged fifteen years. Should my creditors demand payment on the mortgages, take possession of the above named mortgaged premises which I caput-co . . . Day, I should be entirely destitute, being able to labor but little.
David Maxfield
Sworn to and declared by the above named David Maxfield on the 26th June A.D. 1820 before said court.


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