Descendants of Clement Maxfield
of Dorchester, Massachusetts
Second Generation

SAMUEL2 MAXFIELD (Clement1) was probably the son of Clement Maxfield and his wife Mary Denman. Samuel was probably born some time between 1639 and 1643. In 1639 his parents were married, but his mother was only 19 years old, so he probably was not born much before that. In 1664 he signed a petition, something usually done only by persons of legal age (21), so he was probably born before 1643. Dorchester, Massachusetts, would be the most likely place for his birth, but there is no record.

Samuel's first wife was MARY DAVENPORT. We know this from the will of Thomas Davenport, Sr., written 24 July 1683, in which he gave to his daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Maxfield (GR 5:398). Mary Davenport was baptized 21 January 1649 (GR 33:26). She died at Dorchester, 2 August 1691 (BRC 21:122).

Samuel signed the petition of Dorchester citizens on 19 October 1664, recognizing royal authority, but advocating freedom from religious conformity for New England (GR 5:395). He served along side his father in King Philip's War, at Punkapauge, 24 April 1676 (GR 43:268).

Four months after the death of his first wife, Samuel Maxfield married again. He married CHRISTIAN POTTER at Dorchester on 11 December 1691 (BRC 21:101). Samuel Sewall performed the marriage. Samuel and Christian Maxfield lived in Bristol1, where he was taxed in 1695--2 schillings, plus 6 for his house and 13 for his farm. Samuel Maxfield died before April 1704, when the widow of Samuel Maxfield joined the Church of Christ (Congregational) in Bristol.

Samuel's widow was probably the Christian Maxfield who married John Hathaway some time before 1720 (Hathaways 43-44). John Hathaway was born at Taunton, Plymouth Colony, on 16 August 1650, married Hannah Burt in 1668, and he died in June 1630 (Hathaways 63-64).

Samuel Maxfield and his first wife Mary Davenport had the following children:

  1. JOHN3 MAXFIELD b. at Dorchester on 3 August, 1671
    • b. at Dorchester on 27 November 1673 (BRC 21:13)
    • m. at Bristol, Mass, on 30 March 1708 JOHN ZOLODE (VR RI 6:1:35)
  3. EBENEZER3 MAXFIELD b. at Dorchester on 20 November 1675
    • b. at Dorchester on 8 September 1677 (BRC 21:16)
    • b. at Dorchester on 1 July 1680 (BRC 21:18)
    • d. at Canterbury, Conn., on 27 August 1727 (Barbour 1:95)
    • m. at Dorchester on 11 Junuary 1701 SAMUEL BUTT (BRC 21:103)
      • b. at Dorchester on 1 March 1673/4 (BRC 21:15)
      • child of Richard Butt
    • b. at Dorchester on 27 May 1682 (BRC 21:19)
  7. possibly JUDITH3 MAXFIELD
    • d. on December 21 1757 (GR 43:283)
    • m. abt 1707 JAMES BAKER (GR 43:283)
      • b. on 4 August 1674 (GR 43:283)
      • d. on 24 August 1734 (GR 43:283)
  8. possibly ICHABOD3 MAXFIELD
  9. perhaps JOSEPH3 MAXFIELD b. abt 1689/90
Samuel Maxfield and his second wife Christian Potter had the following children:
  1. RICHARD3 MAXFIELD b. at Dorchester on 18 September 1692
    • b. at Bristol on 2 April 1695 (VR RI 6:1:90)
    • bp. at Bristol on 22 July 1705 ("daughter of Christian Maxfield, widow of Samuel, Deceased")(GR 34:136)
    • d. bef 1760 (Hathaways, 47)
    • m. at Dighton, Mass., on 1 June 1719, THOMAS HATHAWAY (VR Freet)
      • d. at Berkley, Mass., bef. January 1754 (Hathaways, 47)

1 The town of Bristol was incorporated in 1681 as part of Plymouth Colony. With the rest of the colony it became part of Massachusetts about 1691. In 1747 the border was moved and Bristol became part of Rhode Island.


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