Cornelius Lezenby and Eliza Wilson, Immigrants
and some of their Ancestors
and Descendants

SAMUEL W.2 LEZENBY (Cornelius1) was born at Manchester, England (1860 census) about 1839/40 (age at censuses), a child of Cornelius and Eliza Lezenby.

Samuel served in the Union Army in the Civil War, the First New Jersey Infantry Regiment, Company E, as a Sergeant (Civ War Sold). Samuel married ANNA LETITIA DODD at Camden County, New Jersey, on 4 December 1865 (Camden Co M). Anna was born at New Jersey about 1845/6 (1870 census).

The 1870 census (856:364) reported the following persons in the household of Alice Dodd of Camden, New Jersey:

Name Age Sex Race Occupation R.E. P.E. Birth Other
Lezenby, Anna 24 F W NJ
Lezenby, Richard 3 M W NJ

I have not found Samuel in this census. The Civil War Pension Index ( reports for Samuel W. Lezenby an invalid file dated 6 May 1871, and a widow file for Anna L. Hackney dated 26 October 1920.

Anna married JOSIAH HACKNEY some time before the 1880 census, when their blended family was living at Camden. Josiah was born at New Jersey about 1829/30 (1880 census).

Samuel W. Lezenby and his wife Anna Letitia Dodd had the following child:

  1. RICHARD3 LEZENBY b. at New Jersey on October 1867


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