Descendants of
George Adam Krumbholz
Pauline (Zeller) Krumbholz
Second Generation

KATHERYN LOUISA2 KRUMBHOLZ (George1) was born on 20 November 1891 (PZK), a daughter of George Adam Krumbholz and his wife Pauline Zeller. "Katy" Krumbholz and ADELARD BRANCHAUD were married some time around 1911. Adelaide was born on 17 August 1890 (SDSI).

Arnold J. Kuntz remembered in 1985:

The Branchaud family had about three or four children that died when they were infants. The Branchaud family plus the other families lived in several parts of New Bedford at one time or another. My Uncle Adelard Brandchaud was a compositor for the New Bedford Standard newspaper. I think he started there as a young man. I know he used to work nights as long as I remember because he used to work from 7:00 p.m. until late. He retired from this position.
Katy died at New Bedford. Adelaide died there in December, 1975 (SSDI).

Adelaide and Katy Branchaud had the following children:

    • b. on 13 May 1914 (SDSI)
    • d. at New Bedford in October 1944 (SSDI)
    • b. on 8 September 1912 (SSDI)
    • d. at New Bedford in January 1984 (SSDI)
    • married
    • b. on 18 July 1925 (SSDI)
    • res. 493 Mill Street, New Bedford, abt 1985
    • d. in Rhode Island on 27 May 1997 (SSDI)
    • married

Some of the information on this family comes from correspondence with Arnold Kuntz, now deceased.

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