Descendants of
Adiel Harvey Hathaway (1864-1935)

PHILIP CARLTON9 HATHAWAY (Adiel8, John7, David6, Salathiel5, Thomas4, Arthur3, John2, Arthur1) was born at Fairhaven, Massachusetts, on 18 August 1913. His parents were Adiel Harvey Hathaway and his wife Julia Lawton Reed. Phil graduated in 1932 from New Bedford Vocational School, at New Bedford, Massachusetts, where he played football and track, and took an electrical course.

Philip Hathaway and IRENE MARY GOULD were married at the Unitarian Church in Fairhaven, on 5 October 1934. Irene was born at New Bedford on 31 December 1913.

Phil and Irene lived with Phil's mother at 251 Sconticut Neck Road, Fairhaven, until 1938. Phil worked for Bailey & Grant Oil Company until 1938 when the company was changed to Tidewater Oil Company, and later bought out by Getty. He retired from Getty in 1975.

On 21 September 1938, the day of the Great New England Hurricane, Phil had been at work. He had driven to Tiverton, Rhode Island, on a job, and returned to New Bedford. He left work for home soon after 4:00 P.M. He drove through water as he got to the Fairhaven-New Bedford Bridge. Phil saw some people standing on the bridge, looking at something in the water. There was a man in the water, struggling to get to shore. Phil got out of his car, dove into the water, and pulled the man to shore. There was no time for introductions. The storm was getting worse, and Phil wanted to get home. He jumped back into his car. As he approached the Fairhaven end of the bridge, he saw a car in the road ahead, with water up to its windows. Phil turned back, managed to get off the bridge at the New Bedford end, and drove north. He managed to cross the river several miles further north. Driving around fallen trees, and avoiding low lying areas, he got to Sconticut Neck some time later.

Meanwhile, Irene's parents had driven to the Hathaway residence to get Irene and her mother-in-law. As the water rose, Mr. Gould kept going out to move his car to dry land. Finally, when the water was up to their knees, they got Phil's mother out, and moved to higher ground. They stayed at the Broeders, Irene's aunt, until the water went down. Then Phil's mother was taken to Harriet's in New Bedford.

Phil and Irene moved to 114 Sconticut Neck Road in October, 1938. In 1945 they moved to Point Street in Fairhaven. In 1948 they moved back to the Neck, to 5 John Street, where they remained for the rest of their lives.

Philip C. Hathaway died at New Bedford on 23 July 1990. Irene died there on 16 September 1992. Both are buried at Cushman Cemetery in Mattapoisett. They had three children; four grandchildren; and at least three great-grandchildren.

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