Descendants of
Adiel Harvey Hathaway (1864-1935)

DOROTHY MAY1 HATHAWAY (Adiel8, John7, David6, Salathiel5, Thomas4, Arthur3, John2, Arthur1) was born at Fairhaven, Massachusetts, on 23 August 1911, a daughter of Adiel Harvey Hathaway and his wife Julia Lawton Reed. "Dot" attended Fairhaven schools, first Kindergarten at the Annex School, then on to Tripp School, then Rogers School. She graduated from 8th grade in 1926. She attended Fairhaven High School for two years, then dropped out to stay home with mother, who had a nervous breakdown, for 2 years. Dot was married on the day she would have graduated from High School. Dot wasn't sure she should leave home and get married, but her mother said, "We'll manage. you go right ahead."

Dorothy May Hathaway and WALTER EVERETT LANG were married at the Unitarian Church in Fairhaven, on 25 June 1930, by Rev. Parker.

Walter Lang was born at New Bedford, Massachusetts, on 23 February 1908. He graduated from New Bedford Vocational School before they were married. Walter was an electrician.

Walter and Dot first lived in East Freetown, Massachusetts, while Walter worked for Howard Maxim of Middleboro, Massachusetts Then they moved to Lakeville, Massachusetts, then to Middleboro, then back to East Freetown.

In November, 1936, the Langs moved to Gilette Road, Fairhaven, and Walter worked for Warren Cheetham, well drilling. That did not work out. In March, 1937, they moved back to Middleboro, bought a house, and Walter went into business for himself. They lived there 25 years and built up a sizable business, where Dorothy answered the phone and did the bookkeeping for the business.

Dot remembered,

In 1942 we hired a cottage for the month of August on Quelle Lane in Marion. We were near the beach and the children enjoyed this so much. The following year in 1943 we bought a cottage on the same street. We needed to get away from the business on weekends and in the summer months. Walter went back and forth. In 1962 we moved down there and winterized it for year around living.
Walter Lang died at home, at Marion, Massachusetts, on 1 September 1975, of a massive heart attack, with no warning. Dot continued to live in Marion, where she died on 15 April 1993. She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Marion.

Walter and Dot Lang had the following children:

  1. WALTER E.10 LANG Jr.
    • b. at Acushnet, MA, on 27 May 1931
    • married; 2 children; at least four grandchildren
  2. NATALIE ANN10 LANG b. at Lakeville on 20 June 1932
    • b. at Middleboro on 11 August 1933
    • d. at Middleboro on 11 August 1933, a few hours after birth
    • b. at Acushnet on 18 August 1936
    • married; 3 children; at least one grandchild

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