Descendants of
Adiel Harvey Hathaway (1864-1935)

JULIA ELDORA9 HATHAWAY (Adiel8, John7, David6, Salathiel5, Thomas4, Arthur3, John2, Arthur1) was born at Fairhaven, Massachusetts, on 27 October 1903. Her parents were Adiel Harvey Hathaway and his wife Julia Lawton Reed.

Julia Hathaway married WALTER ENGLAND STONE at Fairhaven on 26 October 1926. Walter was born at Fall River, Massachusetts, on 8 June 1897.

Walter and Julia lived in the New Bedford, Massachusetts, area until 1958. Then they moved to North Carolina, to help out their daughter, Ruthie, who was working.

Julia died at Sea Level, North Carolina, on 10 September 1982. Walter died at Morehead City, North Carolina, on 13 March 1983. They had the following child:

  1. RUTH10 STONE b. on 2 April 1927

Information on this family was gathered from interviews and correspondence with:

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