Descendants of
Adiel Harvey Hathaway (1864-1935)

ADIEL FRANCIS9 HATHAWAY (Adiel8, John7, David6, Salathiel5, Thomas4, Arthur3, John2, Arthur1) was born at Taunton, Massachusetts, on 4 August 1897. His parents were Adiel Harvey Hathaway and his wife Julia Lawton Reed. Adiel enlisted in the Army in World War I. The war was over before he could be sent overseas.

Adiel F. Hathaway and ELLEN ETTA WHITTAKER were married at Fairhaven, Massachusetts, on 18 August 1918. Ellen was born at Fairhaven on 18 March 1898. They had thirteen children before they were divorced at New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1939.

Adiel worked most of his adult life for Pocahontas Fuel Company, of New Bedford. He worked for this soft coal company as a hoisting engineer and truck driver. When the coal boats came into New Bedford, Adiel would work long hours hoisting the coal into rail cars, which then dumped the coal into big piles in the yard. When there were no boats to unload, Adiel would deliver coal to the mills, hospitals, factories and schools in the area, from New Bedford as far as Taunton and Wareham.

In October, Adiel took his vacation to go scalloping with his brother Mac, to make extra money. However, the scollaper was purchased for another reason during prohibition.

Adiel and Mac would sail out secretly at night. They would meet a supply ship, and load up their boat with booze. They would deliver the cargo to the Travers Chicken Farm, near Wilbur's Point, where it was stored under a large chicken house.

Occasionally they were chased by government agents. Then they would throw the cargo overboard, and report to the people at Travers' that the cargo was lost. Later they would go back out, and lift up the bottles, still floating, with large tonges. They would land at Little Bay. With the help of others, they would pass the bottles from hand to hand, like a "bucket brigade," across the marsh to Adiel's house.

There was a trap door on the floor of Adiel's front porch. The children remember that occasionally a visitor would come to the house. Adiel would open the trap door, go down under the porch, and return with a small paper bag of merchandise, to sell to visitors.

Adiel fixed his car and the cars of his friends. He played baseball and other games with his children.

Adiel was the family barber. Every spring, as soon as school was out, he would give the boys a pineapple clip (shaved all their hair off), and he gave the girls a boyish bob.

Adiel and Ellen and the children lived on Rockland Street, on Sconticut Neck, a short distance north of Adiel's parents. The 1938 Hurricane destroyed their home. In the Hurricane, the older children at home took the younger children, goats and dogs, and went up the street to a family on higher ground. After the Hurricane, Adiel and family moved into his mother's home, which he repaired. When Adiel divorced Ellen, he let her and the children stay in the house.

Adiel F. Hathaway married SOPHRONIE MARY BLANCHETTE St. Aubin at New Bedford on 21 January 1944. This was the second marriage for both of them, both having been divorced. "Blanche" was born at Lawrence, Massachusetts, on 23 March 1903.

Adiel built a small home for him and Blanche on Sconticut Neck Road, not far from the old homestead. In later years, Adiel worked for the Fairhaven Water Works until he retired.

Adiel died on 7 November 1972. Ellen died at New Bedford on 19 October 1980. Blanche died at New Bedford on 15 March 1981. They are all buried at Naskatucket Cemetery, Fairhaven.

Adiel F. Hathaway and his first wife Ellen had the following children:

    • b. at Acushnet, MA, on 8 November 1919
    • d. on 3 July 2003, res. Fairhaven
    • m (1). at Fairhaven on 24 June 1943 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS "Gussie" PEASE
    • div. at New Bedford on 4 December 1964
      • b. at Acushnet on 20 June 1915
      • Occupation. Fireman
      • Illness. 1960 Cerebral Hemorrhage
      • d. at Wareham, MA, on 5 January 1973
    • two children; three grandchildren
    • m (2). at Fairhaven on 30 December 1977 HENRY BRUNELLE
      • b. at New Bedford on 12 May 1915
  2. MARGARET LOUISE10 HATHAWAY b. at Acushnet on 6 December 1920
    • b. at Fairhaven on 14 March 1922
    • Military. joined the Army in October, 1944, and served in Italy in World War II.
    • Occupation. from 1946 to 1979 bus driver and bus maintenance worker, Springfield schools, Springfield, VT
    • Residence. 1958 Springfield
    • Community. a commander of Post #771 Veterans of Foreign Wars, in Springfield, and a member of the order of Moose.
    • d. at Springfield on 1 April 1979
    • bur. Springfield
    • m. at Calvary Baptist Church, Springfield, on 4 September 1954 : NANCY JANE HOLT
      • b. at Springfield on 17 October 1934
    • two children; three grandchildren
    • b. at Acushnet on 23 February 1923
    • worked as a waitress, as a stitcher in factories, and ran a small Thrift Shop in her home in Connecticut for a while. When she left Billie, she came home to Fairhaven to live.
    • d. at Fairhaven on 21 May 1978
    • bur. Naskatucket Cemetery, Fairhaven
    • m (1). in March 1943 JAMES NEWMAN BARBEE
    • div. before 1959
    • one child; one grandchild; two great-grandchildren
    • m (2). at Portsmouth, RI, in April 1959 WILLIAM MEDBURY
    • div. 1971 Connecticut
      • b. in Rhode Island on 6 December, 1922
      • d. in Connecticut on 18 September 1992
    • b. at Fairhaven on 10 May 1924
    • occupation. motel manager, Fairhaven, 1987
    • d. at New Bedford on 30 October 1992
    • bur. at sea
    • m. at New Bedford on 22 November 1949 JOHN BOLLEA
      • b. at New Bedford on 23 November 1920
      • d. on 11 June 2001
    • b. at Fairhaven on 7 December 1925
    • Occupation. fisherman, painter, and heavy equipment operator for the Town of Fairhaven until illness forced him to retire in July, 1976.
    • Military. U.S. Navy in Cuba
    • Residence. Westport, MA
    • d. at New Bedford on 9 December 1976
    • bur. Naskatucket Cemetery, Fairhaven
    • m. at Seamen's Bethel, New Bedford, on 15 March 1949 JULIA MILLICENT DEMORANVILLE
      • b. at New Bedford on 8 February 1931
      • d. on 8 Jun 2003
    • four children; two grandchildren
    • b. at Fairhaven on 18 May 1927
    • Occupation. first went up to Vermont to work in the woods with a friend. In Springfield he worked in a gear factory and as a plumber. After separating from his wife he returned to Fairhaven to live. He worked in the maintenance department at Aerovox Company until his illness.
    • Military. joined the Navy, but got a medical discharge after only a few months.
    • d. at New Bedford on 14 May 1985
    • bur. at sea--ashes in Buzzards Bay
    • m. at Baptist Church, Springfield, VT, on 27 November 1947 ANGELIQUE BEATRICE BLAIS
    • div. 1971
      • b. at Springfield on 1 November 1931
    • 3 children; one grandchild
    • b. at Fairhaven on 8 October 1928
    • Military. Air Force in Tripoli, Japan, England, and Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod. After 23 years he retired as Staff Sargent.
    • Occupation. after retiring from the service, he worked as a meat cutter, a cook, and for the Fairhaven Sewer Department.
    • Norman had a knack of talking in rhyme. He belonged to American Legion Post #166 and V.F.W. Post #2892.
    • d. on 21 April 1988
    • bur. Rural Cemetery with 2d wife Evelyn
    • m (1). at Fairhaven on 14 April 1956 IRENE PERRY REZENDES
    • div. 1960 New Bedford
      • b. at Fairhaven in 1938
    • m (2). at Falmouth, MA, in June 1962 (by USAF Chaplain) EVELYN V. DELANO
      • b. at New Bedford on 13 August 1944
      • d. in England on 28 August 1967
    • m (3). at Acushnet on 18 March 1978 LEILA BROWN TAYLOR
      • b. at Fairhaven on 6 December 1931
      • d. on 6 April 1996
    • b. at Fairhaven on 22 November 1929 (twin)
    • m. at New Bedford on 1 July 1950THERESA FRANCILA MAYO
      • b. at Falmouth, MA, on 13 January 1929
      • d. on 12 August 2000
    • 3 children; seven grandchildren
    • b. at Fairhaven on 22 November 1929 (twin)
    • d. at Fairhaven on 9 November 1930
    • b. at Fairhaven on 19 March 1932
    • m (1). at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Fairhaven, on 29 October 1954 JOAN I. BETTENCOURT
      • b. at Vinyard Haven, MA, on 30 August 1932
      • d. at Norfolk, MA, on 20 November 1972
    • m (2). at Seamen's Bethel, New Bedford, on 14 July 1979 JUDY A. HOBSON
    • div. on 28 February 1991
      • b. on 3 June 1942
      • d. on 24 April 1993
    • m (3). at Fall River on 8 October 1994 DIANNE LETOUREAU
  12. BARBARA ESTHER10 HATHAWAY b. at Fairhaven on 8 August 1933

Information on this family was gathered from interviews and correspondence with:

Some information is from the Social Security Death Index.

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