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of Charlestown, Massachuetts

Seventh Generation

STEPHEN7 BLANCHARD (Adam6-5, John4-3, Nathaniel2, Thomas1) was born at Abington, Massachusetts, on 30 March 1799 (VR Ab 1:35), the son of Adam Blanchard Junior and his wife Rebecca Pain.

At Abington on 18 July 1820 (VR Ab 2:33) Stephen Blanchard married LAURA6 VINING (Deborah5, Elisha4-3, George2, John1). Laura was born at Abington on 28 August 1802 (VR Ab 1:237), the daughter of Deborah Vining. Laura died at the young age of 24, at Abington on 8 April 1826 (VR Ab 2:255).

The young widower Stephen Blanchard published his intentions to marry the not quite so young widow CHARLOTTE WHITE Thayer of Weymouth, Massachusetts, at Abington on 20 August 1826 (VR Ab 2:33). They were married at Weymouth on 4 October 1826 (VR Wey 2:34). Charlotte was the widow of Benjamin Thayer (Sprague 720). She was born at Braintree, Massachusetts, on 3 January 1786 (Sprague 720).

Stephen Blanchard died at Randolph, Massachusetts, on 28 October 1844 (Sprague 720), at the age of 46. (The Holbrook Church Record gave the date as 7 October). His widow Charlotte died at Weymouth on 1 January 1865 (Sprague 720).

Stephen Blanchard and his first wife Laura had the following children:

  1. LEWIS AUSTIN8 BLANCHARD b. at Abington on 1 December 1820
    • b. at Abington on 4 August 1822 (VR Ab 1:33)
    • m. (m. int. at Randolph on 13 November 1836 (Sprague 720)) at Weymouth on 6 December 1837 GEORGE BELCHER of Randolph (VR Wey 2:32)
    • b. at Abington on 3 July 1825 (Sprague 722)
    • d. at Holbrook, MA, on 11 March 1907 (Sprague 722)
    • m. (m. int. at Randolph on 18 February 1849) EMELINE HOLBROOK (Sprague 722)
      • b. at Braintree on 28 February 1832 (Sprague 722)
      • d. at Holbrook on 29 Apr 1898 (Sprague 722)
Stephen Blanchard and his second wife Charlotte had the following child:
    • b. on 26 June 1830 (Sprague 720)
    • d. at Holbrook on 6 February 1900 (Sprague 720)
    • m. on 4 July 1854 RHODA FORD of Abington (Sprague 720)

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