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of Charlestown, Massachuetts

Sixth Generation

ADAM6 BLANCHARD, Junior (Adam5, John4-3, Nathaniel2, Thomas1) was baptized at South Parish Church, Weymouth, Massachusetts, on 1 July 1770 (VR Wey 1:53). His parents were Adam Blanchard Senior and his wife Hulda Pain.

Adam Blanchard, Junior, married at Abington on 18 January 1793 (VR Ab 2:32), REBECCAc PAIN (Stephenb-a), who was born at Weymouth on 1 August 1761 (VR Ab 1:158; VR Wey 1:204), a child of Stephen Pain Junior and his wife Rebecca Pratt.

Rebecca (Pain) Blanchard died at Abington on 11 January 1819 (VR Ab 2:255). The record simply stated "wife of Adam Blanchard," not giving her name, but giving her age as 45. Another source gave her death date as 10 January.

At Abington on 16 March 1823 (VR Ab 2:32), widower Adam Blanchard and widow BETSEY TIRRELL Ramsdell of Hanover published their intentions to marry. She was born about 1761/62 based on her age at death, daughter of Drummer John Tirrell.

Adam Blanchard died at Abington on 16 June 1831 (VR Ab 2:253). He died of consumption at the age of 60, in the almshouse. Widow Betsey Blanchard died at Abington on 12 February 1832, from influenza, in the almshouse (VR Ab 2:253).

Adam and Rebecca Blanchard had the following children:

    • b. abt 1793/94 (based on age at death)
    • d. at Abington on 1 September 1816, age 22 (or Aug 31) (VR Ab 2:254)
    • b. abt 1795/96 (based on age at death)
    • d. at Abington on 21 December 1822, age 26 (dau. of Adam) (VR Ab 2:253)
  3. STEPHEN7 BLANCHARD b. at Abington on 30 March 1799
    • b. at Abington on 30 October 1800 (or Oct 6) (VR Ab 1:33)
    • m (her 2d). (m. int. at Weymouth on 16 May 1847 (VR Wey 2:32)) at Abington on 3 June 1847 BETSEY WHEAT Smith
      • Cyrus Blanchard, 46, laborer, of Weymouth, son of Adam and Rebecca & Betsey W. Smith, widow, 41, of Weymouth, daughter of Joseph Wheat and Mary (VR Ab 2:32)
      • m (her 1st). at Abington on 31 May1843 Jacob Smith (she of Dorchester) (VR Ab 2:224)
        • b. abt 1782/83 (based on age at death)
        • Child of Jacob Smith, Esq.
        • d. at Abington on 2 January 1845, age 62 (VR Ab 2:357)
    • b. at Abington on 1 September 1803 (VR Ab 1:35)
    • d. at Abington on 21 September 1829 (VR Ab 2:253)
      • age 26, dau. of Adam, Jr., pulmonary consumption, in almshouse
    • b. at Abington on 26 April 1809 (VR Ab 1:33)
    • b. at Abington on 26 April 1812 (VR Ab 1:33)
    • m. (m. int. at Duxbury, MA, on 11 April 1835) SARAH RANSON (both of Duxbury) ("Duxbury, Mass., Vital Records" MD 30:80)
    • b. at Abington on 28 August 1814 (VR Ab 1:33)
    • d. at Abington on 27 October 1816 (child of Adam (name not in record) age 2; or 22 October, or 28 October) (VR Ab 2:254)

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