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of Charlestown, Massachuetts

Third Generation

JOHN3 BLANCHARD (Nathaniel2, Thomas1) was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, on 27 March 1660, (VR Wey 1:54), a child of Nathaniel Blanchard and his wife Susannah Bates. John swore the required oath of allegiance to the new King Charles II in 1678/79 at Weymouth . He swore the Freeman's Oath on 18 April 1691 (GR 3:352).

John Blanchard married ABIGAIL2 PHILLIPS (Nicholas1) about 1684 (His Wey 98,465; Sprague 703R). She was a daughter of Deacon Nicholas Phillips and his wife Elizabeth Jewson. The John and Abigail Blanchard family lived in Weymouth. In 1715 they joined in the new settlement of the southern part of the Town. They made their home between the old Town House and Whitman's Pond.

Abigail (Phillips) Blanchard died at Weymouth on 19 September 1724 (VR Wey 2:249). John Blanchard died there on 10 March 1733 (VR Wey 2:249). Suffolk County probate records gave the division of the estate by "John, Thomas, Samuel, Nathaniel and Jonathan, brothers, heirs to the estate of our father John Blanchard, deceased, and to the estate of our brother Nicholas, deceased," on 15 April 1733 (His Wey 98).

John and Abigail Blanchard had the following children:

    • b. at Weymouth on 19 August 1686 (VR Wey 1:56)
    • d. at Weymouth on 21 April 1701 (VR Wey 2:248)
    • b. at Weymouth on 1 August 1689
  3. Deacon JOHN4 BLANCHARD Jr. b. at Weymouth on 14 October 1691
  4. THOMAS4 BLANCHARD b. at Weymouth abt October 1693
    • b. at Weymouth on 19 September 1697 (VR Wey 1:55)
    • m. at Boston on 16 August 1727 JANE3 DARBY (Edward2-1) (by Sam. Sewall, Esq., J. P.) (VR Bos M 1:137)
    • m. int. at Weymouth on 22 July 1727 (VR Wey 2:35)
      • b. abt 1705/6 (Sprague 2:1390)
      • Child of Edward Darby and Jane James
    • b. at Weymouth on 19 May 1701 (VR Wey 1:55)
    • Res. at Cumberland, ME, aft 1743
    • d. at Cumberland on 15 August 1773 (His Wey 100)
    • m. at Weymouth on 9 February 1726/27 HANNAH5 SHAW (Joseph4-3, John2, Abraham1 ) (VR Wey 2:35)
      • b. at Weymouth on 22 October 1712 (VR Wey 1:274)
      • Child of Joseph Shaw and Sarah
      • d. in 1770 (His Wey 100)
    • b. at Weymouth on 2 June 1704 (VR Wey 1:54)
    • m. at Weymouth on 23 July 1729 REBECCA3 DARBY (Edward2-1) (VR Wey 2:35)
      • Child of Edward Darby and Rebecca Sumner
    • bp. at First Church, Braintree, on 13 July 1707 (GR 59:365)
    • d. at Weymouth on 19 January 1733 (VR Wey 2:250)
    • b. at Weymouth on 31 October 1711 (VR Wey 1:53)

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