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of Charlestown, Massachuetts

Second Generation

NATHANIEL2 BLANCHARD (Thomas1) was born at England about 1636 (TAG 65:95; Sprague 703R; His Wey 98), a child of Thomas Blanchard and his first wife. Nathaniel came to America in 1639 with his father, brothers, step-mother and step-brother.

Nathaniel Blanchard and SUSANNAH2 BATES (Edward1 ) were joined in marriage by "Capt. Huburtt, Commr.," at Charlestown, Massachusetts, on 16 December 1658 (VR Cha 1:38). Susannah was baptized at Aston Clinton, co. Buckingham, England, on 22 January 1633/34, (TAG 65:95), a child of Edward Bates and his wife Susanna Putnam. She had come to America with her parents, some time between 1637 and 1639. Within a year of their marriage they had moved to Weymouth, where they lived the rest of his life.

Nathaniel Blanchard died at Weymouth on 27 August 1676 (TAG 65:95; Sprague 703R; His Wey 98).

Widow Susannah (Bates) Blanchard married widower Deacon THOMAS BASS of Braintree, at Braintree on 30 November 1680 (VR Brt 719), by Capt. Torrey. Deacon Bass' first wife, Sarah, died at Braintree on 24 December 1678 (VR Brt 657).

Deacon Thomas Bass died at Weymouth on 8 January 1719/20 (VR Wey 2:232).

Nathaniel and Susannah (Bates) Blanchard had the following children:

  1. JOHN3 BLANCHARD b. on 27 March 1660 Weymouth
    • b. at Weymouth on 1 December 1662 (VR Wey 1:55)
    • m. bef 1686 THOMAS FAXON the Third of Braintree (birth of child, Richard, recorded at Braintree 4 September 1686--VR Brt 663) (Savage 1:196; Sprague 703R; His Wey 98–sources give names only)
      • d. in 1690 (in war with France. Died of smallpox before military expedition to Canada departed; buried at Weymouth) (VR Brt 658)
  3. NATHANIEL3 BLANCHARD b. at Weymouth on 25 September 1665
    • b. at Weymouth on 7 June 1668 (VR Wey 1:54)
    • d. probably young
    • b. at Weymouth on 12 August 1671 (Savage 1:196)
    • b. at Weymouth on 14 April 1674 (VR Wey 1:55)
    • d. at Braintree on 27 October 1724 (VR Brt 726)
    • m. on 26 April 1703 THOMAS WELLS of Braintree (NEHGR 140:313)
      • b. at Boston on 30 June 1677 (NEHGR 140:313)
      • Child of John and Mary Wells
      • d. on 18 October 1722 (NEHGR 140:313)
Thomas and Sarah Bass had the following child:
    • d. at Braintree on 24 January 1678/79 (VR Brt 657)

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