Descendants of John George Bauer
of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
also known as John Todd
of Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Fourth Generation

ELMER MARTIN4 BAUER (Elmer3-2, John1) was born at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on 13 November 1925, a child of Elmer Bauer, Junior, and his first wife Helen Martin. He was called "Brother" by his family.

Elmer M. Bauer married DOROTHEA ERISMAN on 29 January 1949. She was born at Lancaster on 18 March 1925. They lived on Long Island, New York. They had three children.

Elmer and Dorothea divorced in 1963. Elmer married JULIA on 10 February 1968.

Elmer M. Bauer died in New York on 17 April 1989. Dorothea died on 25 October 1999.


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