Descendants of John George Bauer
of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
also known as John Todd
of Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Second Generation

ELMER F.2 BAUER (Senior) (John1) was born at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on 13 September 1874 (Pa Deaths, 79283:666), son of John George Bauer and his first wife Sarah E. Harmon. Elmer grew up in a home troubled by marital difficulties. When Elmer was ten years old, his mother was imprisoned for adultery, and his father got a divorce. Elmer received a third grade education. At about age nine he was working in a cotton mill.

Elmer F. Bauer and MARY A. WILHELM were married at the Moravian Church in Lancaster, on 24 November 1898, by Rev. Eberman. Mary Wilhelm was born at Quarryville, Pennsylvania, on 16 March 1879 (Pa Deaths 5036:11), daughter of Silas Wilhelm and his wife Harriet Rintz.

The 1900 census (1424:1:229A) reported this young family at 14 Hilbert Street, Lancaster:

Name Related Race Sex Born MS B FB MB Occupation
Bauer, Elmer F. head W M Sep 1874 M PA PA PA music dealer
Bauer, Mary A. wife W F Mar 1879 M PA PA PA
Bauer, Elmer son W M Mar 1900 PA PA PA
Harman, Sarah E. mother W F Dec 1852 PA PA PA

Mary had one child, who was living; Sarah had six children, five living.

In 1909, Elmer Bauer was a silver mounter, living at 473 High St., Lancaster (Dir Lanc 1910: 238). Their daughter Elsie wrote on 27 April 1988:

Yesterday Arline [sister] stopped in and gave me a letter dated July 29, 1909. It was sent to my father and Charles Shickel and was an order for 1000 lbs. of umbrella cement which my father and Mr. Shickel had invented. It is typed on a very fancy letterhead and came from Follmer, Clogg Umbrella Co. here in Lancaster.
About 1916 the family moved to 13 Hazel Street, Lancaster. Here Elmer and Mary became active in Memorial Presbyterian Church, and continued there the rest of their lives. Elmer was an Elder for many years, and played the mandolin in the Sunday School orchestra.

In 1919 the family was living at 726 West Vine Street, Lancaster (Dir Lanc 1920: 304), and Elmer was an insurance salesman for Baltimore Life Insurance.

The 1920 census (1584:16A) reported at that location:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Bauer, Elmer F. head M W 47 M PA unk PA agent, insurance
Bauer, Mary A. wife F W 42 M PA PA PA none
Bauer, Elmer Jr. son M W 19 S PA PA PA apprentice, machinist
Bauer, Ruth H. daughter F W 15 S PA PA PA cream coater,
candy factory
Bauer, Elsie daughter F W 10 S PA PA PA none
Bauer, Pauline daughter F W 8 S PA PA PA none
Bauer, Beulah daughter F W 5 S PA PA PA none

By 1929 they were living at 515 Church Street, Lancaster (Dir Lanc 1930: 101), where they remained. The 1930 census (2057:1513) reported the family at that address, consisting of Elmer F., 56, married at 24, father born in Germany, a commercial traveler for life insurance; wife Mary A., 51, married at 19, daughter Pauline L., 18, working as a bander in a cigar factory; Beulah A., age 15, Arlene J., age 6, and two lodgers, Harold M. and Rosalie M. Metzger.

He was a member of Foresters Lodge and Knights of the Mystic Chain; president of Pastime Mandolin Club.

Elmer F. Bauer, Sr., died at Lancaster on 1 September 1955 (Pa Deaths 79283:666), from congestive heart failure, also with pulmonary tuberculosis. He was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Lancaster, on 3 September 1955 (Pa Deaths 79283:666).

Mary (Wilhelm) Bauer died at Epler Nursing Home, Mountville, Pennsylvania, on 12 January 1957 (Pa Deaths 5036:11), from myocardial infarction due to atherosclerosis due to hypertensive cardiac disease. She was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Lancaster, on 15 January 1957 (Pa Deaths 5036:11).

Elmer and Mary Bauer had the following children:

  1. ELMER F.3 BAUER Junior b. Mar 26 1900 Lancaster, Pa.
    • b. on 26 February 1902
    • d. on 3 February 1911
  3. RUTH H.3 BAUER b. on 15 December 1904
    • b. on 5 February 1907
    • d. on 12 April 1911
  5. ELSIE NAOMI3 BAUER b. at Lancaster on 19 July 1909
  6. PAULINE LILLY3 BAUER b. on 16 April 1911
  7. BEULAH A.3 BAUER b. at Lancaster on 9 June 1914
    • b. on 16 April 1916
    • d. on 16 April 1916
  9. ARLINE JEAN3 BAUER b. at Lancaster on 17 April 1923

Daughter Elsie remembered her parents:

My mother took lard sandwiches to school for lunch. Ugh!
My father had to go to work in a local factory at the age of 9 and every 2 weeks his father gave him 10 cents for spending money and EVERY time he said, "Don't spend it all at one time."
One day, before my parents were married, my father decided to "hop" a freight train. He crawled under the car between the wheels and after a while the train started to go through a tunnel. Suddenly all the coal and gas fumes were coming back over my father and he started to pass out and was just going to give up his hold on the bottom of the train, when they came out of the tunnel and the fresh air revived again. He never did THAT again.
"My father and mother were always home. My father smoked and at one time chewed tobacco."
"Father could mimic the sounds of animals. He was a witty person. Once he came in and pretended he was drunk. My sister Ruth screamed and cried. He never did that again."
He sold the house on Hazel Street to an old guy for $1300. The man paid him with a canvas bag full of money. Then we lived on the 700 block of W. Vine St. Our neighbor was famous in the city as a "pow-wow doctor." She could cure people.
As a young man he played in a string orchestra. He played the mandolin and gave lessons. "My father played banjoes, mandalin, and guitar. In the summer evenings they would march through the streets playing and people would throw money at them. He was a self-taught musician." Mother sewed and made all their clothes. For Hap [Elmer, Jr.] and Helen's wedding she made all of the attendants' dresses--aqua blue satin. When Helen died, Hap and the two kids moved back into the house. Mother was depressed at Helen's death. So she went camping at Caledonia Park.

Information on this family is from recollections of a number of persons, and:
Recollections and Information provided by Beulah Bauer Reed, her daughter Mary Ann Reed Henkel, and other family members, to Betty Bauer Ranck Kibler. from Family Bible.
Grave markers, Greenwood Cemetery, Lancaster, Pa.

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