Descendants of John George Bauer
of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
also known as John Todd
of Coatesville, Pennsylvania
First Generation

John George and Sarah Bauer and family

JOHN GEORGE1 BAUER, also known as JOHN TODD, was born at Harbaugh, Württemberg, Germany, on 2 March 1850. His parents were JOHN BAUER and CATHERINE CORBMAN. He left Hamburg, Germany, on the S. S. Germany bound for America, on 24 November 1866. He left at age 16 to escape military service which was compulsory at age 16. John George Bauer and SARAH E. HARMON were married at the Green Tree, in Providence Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on 9 October 1870. For the transcript of their marriage record, see below.

John G. Bauer became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1871 (1920 census).

From 1879 to 1885, the Bauers lived at 709 Manor St., Lancaster; he was called a laborer. (Dir Lanc 1880: 26, and divorce record below)

The 1880 census (1143:213C) reported this family at Lancaster:

Name Related MS Sex Race Age B Occupation FB MB
John Bauer self M M W 30 Wurtemberg laborer Wurtemberg Wurtemberg
Sarah Bauer wife M F W 28 PA keeping house PA PA
Willie Bauer son S M W 9 PA Wurtemberg PA
Bertha Bauer daughter S F W 7 PA Wurtemberg PA
Elmer Bauer son S M w 6 PA Wurtemberg PA
Annie Bauer daughter S F W 3 PA Wurtemberg PA
Martin L. Bauer son S M W 9/12 PA Wurtemberg PA

In July of 1884 George and Sarah ceased to live together as husband and wife, because of her adultery. In August, Sarah Bauer and George Miller were arrested, for commiting the crime of adultery. On 15 November 1884 Sarah Bauer was convicted of that crime, and sentenced to pay a fine of $100.00 and to be confined in jail for eleven months and twenty days. The Court granted a divorce to John George Bauer at Lancaster on 2 May 1885. For the full record of the divorce case, see below.

In 1889, John George Bauer was called a carpenter, and was living at 626 Fourth Street in Lancaster (Dir Lanc 1890: 45).

John George Bauer married two more times. His second wife was NELLIE FLOWERS. She died after a short time.

John George Bauer then married, MARY KURTZ, about 1900. This turned out to be a stable and enduring marriage. Granddaughter Elsie's memory in later life was, "I think he was living with Mary Kurtz in Lancaster, but my Uncle Will 'made it so hot for him' that he moved to Coatesville." John George Bauer assumed the name of John Todd, and his children by this third marriage bore the surname Todd. Mary Kurtz was born in Pennsylvania (1920 census), on 25 November 1870 (grave marker).

The John Todd family was reported in the 1920 census (1551:3A) at Steel Avenue, Valley Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania:

Name Related Sex Race Age MS B FB MB Occupation
Todd, John head M W 69 M Wurttemberg
Sta. Mills
Todd, Mary wife F W 48 M PA PA PA none
Todd, Clarence son M W 19 S PA Wurttemberg
PA railroad ticket
Todd, Nellie N. daughter F W 18 S PA Wurttemberg
PA clerk
grocery store
Todd, Florence daughter F W 17 S PA Wurttemberg
PA student
Todd, Edward son M W 13 S PA Wurttemberg
PA student
Todd, Mollie daughter F W 11 S PA Wurttemberg
PA student
Todd, John son M W 8 S PA Wurttemberg
PA student

Mary Kurts Todd died on 20 October 1923. John George Bauer died on 19 January 1932. They were both buried at Willow Street Mennonite Cemetery, West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County.

Sarah E. (Harmon) Bauer is beleived to have married three more times. Her fourth and last husband, JAMES N. LOWRY, was a laborer living at 314 East Liberty Street, Lancaster, in 1909 (Dir Lanc 1910: 551). He was remembered as a good looking man, tall, neatly dressed.

John George Bauer and his first wife Sarah E. Harmon had the following children:

    • b. in Pennsylvania abt 1870/1 (1880 census)
  2. BERTHA2 BAUER b. in Pennsylvania abt 1871/2
  3. ELMER F.2 BAUER Sr. b. at Lancaster on 13 September 1874
  4. ANNIE2 BAUER remembered as "Emma"
    • b. in Pennsylvania abt 1876/7 (1880 census)
    • When a teenager she fell in love with a married man and he couldn't marry her. She committed suicide. (Roschel)
    • b. in Pennsylvania abt August 1879 (1880 census)
John George Bauer, alias John Todd, and his third wife Mary Kurtz had the following children:
    • b. in Pennsylvania on 11 May 1900 (WWI Draft)
    • draft registration. at Chester County, PA, on 12 September 1918 (WWI Draft)
        Clarence Richard Todd, Steel City, Coatesville, Chester Co., PA
        age 18; b. May 11, 1900
        relative: Mrs. Mary Todd, Steel City, Coatesville, Chester Co., PA
    • d. on 5 February 1953 (Walton)
  2. NELLIE2 TODD (obit)
    • b. at Lancaster on 20 June 1901
    • census. at Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, on 1930 (1930 census)
        Weimer, Amos, head, male, white, 34 married at 28, b. PA, parents b. PA PA
        Weimer, Nellie, wife, female, white, 29, married at 23, b. PA, parents b. Germany PA
    • Occupation. laundry worker
    • Religion. Brethren in Christ
    • d. on 20 January 1988
    • m. abt 1923/4 AMOS EARL WEIMER
      • b. 16 March 1895 (SSDI)
      • d. at Willow Street, West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, PA, in June 1966 (SSI)
  3. FLORENCE2 TODD b. in Pennsylvania on 23 April 1902
  4. EDWARD2 TODD b. at Downingtown, PA, on 9 September 1906
  5. MOLLY2 TODD b. in Pennsylvania abt 1908
  6. JOHN G.2 TODD b. at Downingtown on 4 December 1911
  7. ADA2 TODD

graves of John George Bauer and Mary his third wife,
Willow Street Mennonite Cemetery

Granddaughter Elsie Roschel in later years shared some memories of her grandfather:

Elmer F. Bauer, Jr. (Elsie's brother), learned that his grandfather was living in Coatesville as John Todd. He went to visit, and said, "Are you John Todd? I'm Elmer Bauer, your grandson." The families have been warm and welcomed each other.
He was good at carpentry work. He made a shoeshine kit. He made a hinged screen. He lived on Elm Avenue in Coatesville. Then he came back to Lancaster. He kept the name of Todd. He was senile at the end.

Her memories of her grandmother were not as kind. Elsie called her grandmother, "a surly person." She never had more children.

Marriage Certificate included in materials from divorce proceedings:

By the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: This is to certify that on the 9th day of October, in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy, before me, John Strohm, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for Lancaster County, John Bauer of the City of Lancaster and Sarah Harman of Providence Township in the County of Lancaster, having plighted the solemn vows of duty and affection, were by me lawfully joined in marriage, each of them declaring themselves of full age, and free, respectively, from any prior engagement, or other lawful empediment; Whereupon, I, the said Justice, have declared and by these presents do declare them to be man and wife, according to the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Record of the divorce trial of John George and Sarah E. Bauer.
(LCCH April 1885, no. 30.)


To the Honerable Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Lancaster:
The Petition of John G. Bauer respectfully showeth:
That your libellant on the ninth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy was bound in matrimony and married to a certain Sarah E. Bauer and from that time until the fourteenth day of July A.D. 1884 lived and cohabited with the said Sarah E. Bauer as his wife and as such she was owned and acknowledged by John G. Bauer and so deemed and reputed by their neighbors and acquaintances. And although by the laws of God, as well as by their mutual vows and faith plighted to each other, they were bound to that uniform constancy and regard which ought to be inseparable from the married state, yet so it is that the said Sarah E. Bauer in violation of her marriage vow hath for a considerable time past, being at such times domiciled within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, committed adultery with one George W. Miller in the County of Lancaster in the month of June 1884 and at diverse other times.
Wherefore, your libellant further showing that he is a citizen of the state of Pennsylvania and has resided therein for upwards of one whole year previous to the filing of this libel, prays your Honors that a Subpoena may issue forth to summon the said Sarah E. Bauer to appear in this Honerable Court at April Term next, to answer this complaint aforesaid, and also that this Court may decree a divorce and separation from the said nuptial ties or bonds of matrimony heretofore uniting as above mentioned this libellant to and with the said John G. Bauer. [Sworn March 17, 1885].

Depositions of Witnesses produced, sworn and affirmed and examined in the Interrogatories hereunto annexed in the matter of a certain libel in divorce pending in the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County, to April Term 1885 No. 30, wherein John G. Bauer is libellant and Sarah E. Bauer is respondent on the part of said libellant taken before John W. Appel, Examiner, appointed by said Court of Common Pleas, at his office No. 33 N. Duke Street in the city of Lancaster, on Friday, May 1st 1885 between the hours of 2 o' clock p. m. and 9 o' clock p. m. in pursuance of the annexed order of the Court and notice hereto attached.

John G. Bauer being duly affirmed says:
In answer to 1st Interrogatory, says: My name is John G. Bauer. I am thirty-five years old. I reside in the city of Lancaster. I am a laborer. In answer to Interrogatory Second he says: I am the libellant in this suit and have known the respondent my wife, about seventeen years in the County of Lancaster.
In answer to 3rd Interrogatory he says: I was married to the respondent Sarah E. Bauer on the 9th day of October 1870. We were married by John Strohm, Justice of the Peace at the Green Tree, Providence Township, Lancaster Co., Pa. Julia Douglass was present. Certificate of marriage here produced and made part hereof marked "Ex. A."
In answer to 5th Interrogatory he says: I lived and cohabited with my wife the Respondent from the date of our marriage to July 14, 1884, when complaint was made against her for adultery.
To Interrogatory seventh he says: I have seen the Respondent my wife on several occasions in company with George W. Miller, with whom she was accused of having committed adultery. At one time I came home to my dinner and George W. Miller was lying in the dining room of my house, drunk. I complained to my wife about it and she always took his part. He more than once came there during my absence, brought beer with him, and he and my wife would get drunk together. One night I came home and they had the children locked up upstairs, and they were together. This was at ten o'clock at night. I remonstrated, but it was of no avail. She would then make violent threats, to cut my throat, or poison me +c +c. On several occasions she went off to dancing parties with George W. Miller, when I was engaged at my work.
In answer to Interrogatory Eighth he says: Both Respondent, my wife, and George W. Miller were convicted of adultery at a Quarter Session Court held at Lancaster in November 1884, and are now serving out their sentence in the Lancaster County jail.

George Shay being duly sworn says:
In answer to the Interrogatory First he says: My name is George Shay. I am thirty-eight years of age. I reside in Lancaster City, and am a member of the Police force in said city.
In answer to Interrogatory second he says: I know both the parties--libellant and respondent: have known them for about six years. I have known them both here in the city of Lancaster.
In answer to Interrogatory Third, he says: I know nothing.
In answer to Interrogatory Fifth he says: I know that Libellant and Respondent lived and cohabited together as man and wife, on Manor Street in Lancaster, Pa., for five or six years.
In answer to Interrogatory Seventh he says: On July 14, 1884 a warrant for the arrest of Sarah E. Bauer, the Respondent, to answer a complaint made before M. H. McGlinn, Alderman, against said Sarah E. Bauer charging her with the crime of Adultery, was placed in my hands to be executed. I found that said party was absent from town. The warrant remained in my hands until August 2, 1884 when I made the arrest. At about the same time I in company with officer Peter Ritchey, arrested George W. Miller the person with whom Respondent was accused of having committed adultery. He confessed to us both that he had the Respondent in Philadelphia and they lived and slept together as man and wife; and that he had her here in Lancaster whenever he wanted her, at Ziegler's brick yard, in Love Lane, at her house and other places. The case went to court and both parties were convicted of Adultery and are now in jail under sentence, as the Records of the Court will show.

Peter Ritchey heving been duly affirmed says:
In answer to Interrogatory First he says: My name is Peter Ritchey. I am twenty-six years old. I reside in Lancaster City, Pa. and am a member of the Police Force in said city.
In answer to Interrogatory second he says: I know both Respondent and Libellant: have known them for about four years. I have known them both here in the city of Lancaster.
In answer to Interrogatory Seventh he says: I saw Respondent in company with George Miller some time before they ran away together from this city. This was at Respondent's house.
In answer to Interrogatory Eighth he says: On the 2nd of August 1884, Respondent was handed over to my custody at the office of M. A. McGlinn, Esq. having been arrested on the charge of adultery. I took her to jail in default of bail. She was afterwards, on August 5, 1885[1884] bound over to Court on the same Charge. In default of bail she was committed. I helped to arrest Geo. W. Miller, the person with whom she was charged with having committed adultery. He confessed that he had slept with her, that they lived together as man and wife in Philadelphia and went by the name of Kutz. She confessed that she had slept with him three nights. Geo. Miller told me that he had Respondent at Ziegler's Brick Yard, at Love Lane, and at Bauer's house, and had all he wanted from her, and whenever he wanted it. Both Respondent and said Geo. W. Miller were tried and convicted in court of Adultery and they are both now in jail.

C. R. Eaby being duly affirmed says:
I am assistant clerk in the office of Clerk of Quarter Sessions in Lancaster, Pa. I have with me the Quarter Sessions Docket of 1884, which shows that on November 15, 1884 Geo. W. Miller, Jr. was convicted of adultery moreover sentenced to pay a fine of $100.00 to the Commonwealth for the County of Lancaster, pay costs of prosecution and undergo imprisonment in Lancaster County Prison for the period of eight and one half months after the expiration of another sentence,-- And that on Nov. 15, 1884, Sarah E. Bauer was convicted of adultery and sentenced to pay a fine of $100.00 to the Commonwealth for the County of Lancaster, pay costs of prosecution moreover undergo imprisonment in Lancaster County Prison, for the period of eleven months and twenty days +c.

Divorce decree granted on May 2, 1885, the date depositions were filed.

Much information on this family is from: